FastestVPN iOS App Latest Fixes and Software Upgrades (V1.2.5)

We are rolling out an important update to the FastestVPN iOS app. The update focuses on stability improvements and addressing issues reported by users.

FastestVPN iOS App Latest Fixes

Fixed Issues:

  • Fixed the issue where iOS system notification would ask a user to allow VPN connection every time the user tried to connect to a server.
  • The app would launch and crash immediately on iOS 10.
  • The app becomes unresponsive.
  • VPN would not connect after switching from Wi-Fi to cellular data.
  • VPN connection would get stuck when a user tried to switch from Wi-Fi to cellular data and the user had to disable VPN connection manually from Settings.
  • Protocol connectivity issues for IKEv2.
  • Connecting to VPN server would take several attempts.
  • The app connects to a random server automatically upon launch.
  • The app would display a timer expired message after it fails to connect to VPN server.
  • A “No internet connection” message followed on every server connection.
  • The app required fingerprint verification every time.
  • The app would launch and crash immediately on iOS 10.
  • Clicking on “Forgot Password” would reset the password without sending reset link to user’s registered email address.
  • The app would not log-in with the new password until it was reinstalled.


  • Internet Kill Switch is now implemented at the back-end.
  • IPSec protocol is now supported in iOS app

FastestVPN will continue to receive fixes and improvements as we discover more issues. Through this update, users can expect to have a more stable experience while using FastestVPN on their iOS device.

If you have feedback or want to report an issue, please reach out to us via

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4 years ago

Thank you for this update. Looking forward to more improvements along the way. Love using this app on various devices.

4 years ago

Please update Windows version and Chrome browser extension with bug fixes.

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