How to Delete a TikTok Account

TikTok is still one of the most popular video-sharing platforms; despite its security and privacy issues. If, however, for whatever reason, you’re not looking forward to continuing with your account, this guide will show you how to delete a TikTok account permanently! The steps are pretty straightforward.

How to Delete TikTok Account

How to delete a TikTok account permanently

  • Click on your “Profile.”
Click on tiktok profile to delete
  • Now, click on the three horizontal lines on the top-right corner of the screen.
click tiktok hamburger icon
  • Click on “Manage Account.”
Click on Manage account Tiktok
  • Select “Delete account.”
Click delete account Tiktok
  • Select your reason for leaving.
Select reason for leaving Tiktok
  • Click on “Continue” and then on “Continue” again.
  • Next, verify your account. This will allow you to proceed with account deletion. Click on “Delete Account.”
  • That’s all! You’ve now deleted your TikTok account!

This method is the same as the query “How to delete a Kik account without a phone number” just in case you’re confused.

Can we access videos and messages after deleting a TikTok account?

Once you’ve followed the steps above on how to delete a TikTok account, you won’t be able to access any videos, text messages, and other kinds of data. If you intend to keep the data from your TikTok, make sure you save your data before deleting the TikTok account.

Just in case you’d like to delete all your videos before deleting your Tik Tok account, take a look at the tutorial below.

How to delete TikTok videos

To delete videos on a TikTok account, you will have to do it one by one. Here’s how:

  • Click on your “Profile” at the bottom-right of the screen.
  • Click on the video you want to delete.
  • Tap on the horizontal three dots.
  • Click on “Delete.”
  • Click on “Delete” again to reconfirm the action.
  • Your TikTok video has now been deleted.
  • That’s about it! Re-do the same tutorial to delete TikTok videos one by one.

Can you deactivate your TikTok account or recover it?

No, you can’t.

Once you delete your TikTok account permanently, you won’t be able to recover it. However, the good news is that you have at least 30 days to recover a deleted TikTok account.

You can only recover a deleted TikTok account within 30 days

When you delete TikTok from your device, you are allowed to sign in to your account, reactivate it and recover your account. Make sure you do this within the 30-day limit.

So, to answer your question, there is no option to temporarily delete your TikTok account or to recover it. However, as mentioned, when you delete TikTok, you’re given 30 days to change your mind. It’s only during these first 30 days post deletion that you can reactivate it.

Here is how you can recover a deleted TikTok account within 30 days:

  • Open the TikTok app
  • Click on “Log in” at the bottom right of the screen.
  • Choose your authentication method.
  • Click on “Reactivate.”
  • That’s it! You have now reactivated your deleted TikTok account within 30 days.

These steps are somewhat similar to deleting other social media apps. For instance, if you’d like to delete Kik, deactivate your Skype account, Twitter, or delete your Amazon account, the steps are a little alike and easy to do. However, the purpose of deleting most of these social apps is to improve online privacy and security – as most apps and media platforms these days aren’t safe.

This brings us to…

Why should you delete your TikTok account?

If you’re just deleting your TikTok account because you’re bored of the app, then go ahead! However, there are a few of you who are not too sure about proceeding mostly because the app comes with a lot of privacy and security issues. Plus, you may have at one point wondered if TikTok is safe to use.

With that said, here are a few reasons why you might want to delete a TikTok account:

  1. Firstly, TikTok is the product of a Beijing-based company known as ByteDance, however, it’s firmly believed that the Chinese government uses the app as spyware – to collect data from other countries. Using the app near any government or military bases is forbidden. So, if you work for the government or a high post, you may want to delete your app.
  2. Speaking of privacy concerns, every single video or content that you post on TikTok remains there permanently, even after you delete your account. Just about anyone can download your data without permission. So, it’s best you delete your content before permanently deactivating your account.
  3. TikTok shares your data with China, period.
  4. Data breaches and violations of online privacy and security.
  5. Since mostly underage kids and preteens are actively on TikTok, it can get extremely addictive and alarming. For starters, there are all sorts of explicit content on TikTok that kids might get into.

No doubt, TikTok is extremely fun to use, it’s entertaining. However, is it worth your privacy? If you truly feel like TikTok will do you more harm than good, it’s best you get rid of all the content on it, and then learn how to delete the TikTok app. This is the same case with other apps. For starters, people are now deleting their Pokemon Go accounts for security reasons, even though it’s a fun app.

To conclude

You now know how to delete your TikTok account, and how to recover a deleted TikTok account. In short, once you delete your account, you cannot reactivate it, unless it’s done within the first 30 days – that’s how long it takes to delete a TikTok account. If, however, you’re still planning on using TikTok, make sure you’re connected to FastestVPN for online protection and security! In fact, using FastestVPN, you can unblock your TikTok account or change your location on it.

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