Finding a VPN That Won’t Slow Down Your Gaming Time

A VPN can benefit anyone online, but it may leverage even more benefits to people who enjoy online gaming, casino sites and multiplayer games with friends abroad. Learn how to find one that helps gamers instead of hinders them, right here.

Finding a VPN that won't slow down your gaming time

What Is a VPN?

A VPN is a Virtual Private Network which allows the internet user to conceal their location. It is a way of making yourself anonymous online and can have a string of benefits, including enhanced data protection online and the ability to access foreign TV streaming sites.

Anybody can buy access to FastestVPN for a year or longer and instantly make themselves more secure when searching the web. The VPN can relocate the user to networks across the world. For example, you could be sitting in your London flat but use a network connection through a European country, the USA, or even as far away as Australia.

The Benefits for Gamers

Using a VPN for gaming purposes can also protect your sensitive data, especially if you make in-game purchases, also known as microtransactions. But this is not the only benefit for gamers. They also:

  • Enable gamers to access games from other countries.
  • Avoid multiplayer restrictions between gamers situated in different countries (or while travelling).
  • Reduce lag and decrease ping (a gaming term for latency) to make gaming experiences smoother and quicker in some cases.

The last benefit is often the most important to gamers. By using a VPN, they can make their multiplayer games buffer less. This is exceptionally important when it comes to live streaming events such as playing a popular multiplayer tournament like COD or when playing live casino games, since lag time or delays in the feed can lead to strenuous accusations of deception and cause players or bettors to lose without a fair chance.

So, Why Do Some VPNs Slow Down Your Gaming Time?

Not every virtual network can increase the speed of your games and reduce ping. That is because some providers don’t offer enough locations for players to choose from. To understand this better, you first need to know how a Virtual Private Network can reduce ping…

Latency and ping can be reduced when a player uses a network that is close to a gaming server. The closer their network location to the server, the better chance of improving the gaming experience and mitigating any ping.

Therefore, if a VPN provider has limited options throughout different countries, the players may not be able to connect to a network that is close enough to the server. They might get closer than their physical location, but other providers may be able to get them even closer and enhance their gaming experiences.

What Gamers Should Consider in a VPN

Thus, if you are purchasing a Virtual Private Network subscription for the purpose of better gaming and reducing ping, you should choose the provider on their ratings, but also on the exact locations of their virtual networks. Go into further depth than identifying what countries you can access with the VPN. FastestVPN covers 31+ countries and 39+ locations worldwide, giving you plenty of opportunities to connect with the nearest server.

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