Is Bluestacks Safe to Use

Most users looking for a reliable emulation program often ask “Is Bluestacks safe?” The short answer would be that yes, Bluestacks is safe and one of the best emulators to download and install on your Windows and macOS.

Is Bluestacks Safe

Emulation is a way of getting the software to run on a system not designed for it. Gaming is one of the areas where emulation is particularly popular. There have been several gaming systems over the years with different underlying architectures. A game made for one system will not run or perform the same on another system because it was not designed for it.

Gaming on smartphones is a popular way to play games on the go. The Android marketplace is populated with games that users enjoy and love. But it takes an Android device to access and play those games, which is not always within reach of some users.

Bluestacks is an emulation program that allows you to run Android apps on Windows or macOS. We’ll be running you through the important question: is Bluestacks safe? And also show you how to get it up and running on your Windows PC or Mac.

Overview of Bluestacks

Bluestacks is an emulator that runs Android apps on Windows and macOS. Emulation is a technique that takes a piece of software and runs it on a machine running a different operating system and underlying architecture. A program coded for the Android operating system cannot technically run on Windows operating system.

With an emulator, the program can be translated in real-time to run on another operating system.

Bluestacks was released nearly 12 years ago, making it as old as the Android OS. It has been delighting users since.

Is Bluestacks Safe – Should You Install It?

In a word: yes. Bluestacks is absolutely safe to use. It is a popular emulator that is the most convenient way to run Android applications on Windows and macOS. In fact, Intel, AMD, Qualcomm, Samsung are some of the names in its patron list.

If you are worried about whether Bluestacks is a trojan for perhaps a cryptominer, then you can rest easy. A trojan is a program that appears legitimate but actually hides malicious code for any number of malicious purposes.

Bluestacks has been in service for years, and there have been no reports about the program hosting malicious code under the code. However, what you need to be careful about is from where you download the program. Hackers prepare popular programs as trojan to attack unsuspecting users. You must always download applications from official sources, i-e directly from the official website. It will ensure that the application is free of malware and is the latest version.

So, yes – you can and should download Bluestacks on your computer to enjoy what the Android platform has to offer. You can enjoy games such as Call of Duty Mobile, Candy Crush, PUBG Mobile, and more on your computer while signed in to your Google account.

How to Install Bluestacks on Windows and Mac

Below you’ll find a tutorial on how to install Bluestacks on Windows and macOS. Let’s get started!

Install Bluestacks on Windows

  1. First, download Bluestacks by going to the official website. Choose the installer according to your bit version.
  2. Launch the installer once downloaded.
  3. Click on “Install Now” or “Customize Installation” depending on what you need.
  4. Wait a bit for the installation to complete.
  5. Bluestacks will launch automatically.
  6. Log in to your Google account.
  7. That’s all!

Now, take a look at the minimum and recommended specifications required to run Bluestacks on Windows 10 or below.

Minimum Specifications for Bluestacks

  • OS: Windows 7 or higher
  • CPU: Intel or AMD
  • RAM: 2GB
  • Storage: 5GB

Recommended Specifications for Bluestacks

  • OS: Windows 10
  • CPU: Intel or AMD multi-core processor with PassMark Score higher than 1000
  • GPU: GPU with PassMark equal to or higher than 750
  • RAM: 8GB or higher
  • Storage: 5GB SSD/Hybrid SSD

Install Bluestacks on macOS

  1. First, download Bluestacks by going to the official website and choose the installer according to Mac.
  2. Launch the installer once downloaded.
  3. To install, double-click on the Bluestacks icon.
  4. If prompted to confirm whether you want to use the installer, click on “Open.”
  5. Click on “Install Now” when redirected to a new window.
  6. Enter your Username & Password.
  7. Click “Install Helper.”
  8. When prompted with a popup called “System Extension Blocked” click on “Open Security & Privacy.”
  9. Next, click on “Allow.”
  10. Sign in to your Google account after it’s installed.
  11. That’s it! You’re done.

Minimum Specifications for Bluestacks

  • OS: macOS Sierra or higher
  • CPU: Intel or AMD Dual Core
  • RAM: 4GB
  • Storage: 8GB

Recommended Specifications for Bluestacks

  • OS: macOS Mojave or macOS Catalina
  • CPU: Intel or AMD multi-core processor with Single Thread PassMark score of 1500
  • GPU: GPU with PassMark equal to or higher than 750
  • RAM: 8GB or higher
  • Storage: 32GB SSD/Hybrid SSD

You can now browse through the Play Store and download Android apps. Some games use cloud saves so that you can pick up your progress in a game once signed in.

How to uninstall BlueStacks 5 from your Windows

  • On your Windows PC, click on “Windows + R” to launch the Run command box.
  • Type “%temp%” and then click on “OK.”
  • Delete all files visible on the “Temp” window.
  • Choose the following links depending on which BlueStacks you want to uninstall from your Windows:
  • Tool link 1 – to uninstall BlueStacks 4 Nougat 32-bit version
  • Tool link 2 – to uninstall all versions of BlueStack on your device
  • Once the tool is downloaded, run it.
  • Click on “Yes” when prompted with permissions to jetstart the BlueStacks cleaner. This will now start uninstalling BlueStacks 5.
  • Once uninstalled, you will see a box that says “Process has been finished.” click on “OK.”

How to uninstall BlueStacks 5 from your Mac

  • On your Mac, and click on “Go” from the top bar.
  • Select “Applications” from the dropdown menu.
  • Look for “BlueStacks” from within the “Applications” window
  • Right-click on it and then click on “Move to Bin.”
  • That’s all!

Bluestack Features

Since its introduction in 2011, Bluestacks have evolved into the best Android emulator and the best way to run Android apps on Windows and macOS. Perhaps the best part is that Bluestacks is completely free to use. It is regularly maintained, and new features are added year over year.

Here are some of the noteworthy Bluestack features:

  • Map touch controls to mouse and keyboard or controller.
  • Run multiple games simultaneously or run multiple instances of one game through different accounts.
  • High-frame rate mode.
  • Translate text in real-time during gameplay.
  • Access 20M+ Android apps.
  • Works on older Windows OS like Windows 7 and Windows 8.


Is BlueStacks 4 better than BlueStacks 5?

BlueStacks 4 is said to work much smoother than BlueStacks 5, but there are other things to note. BlueStacks 5 is visibly better as it allows users with low-end machines to make better use of the emulator when downloading Android apps or games.

Can BlueStacks harm your computer?

Yes, BlueStacks is safe for your computer, and in fact can easily be used to download apps on your Windows. However, you need to make sure that you only download BlueStacks from its official website.

Is BlueStacks a legit company?

Yes, Bluestacks is a legal and legit company. In fact, it’s in partnership with renowned and long-running companies like Samsung, Intel and AMD. You won’t find a better Android emulator than BlueStacks.

Can I get a virus from BlueStacks?

Not really. But, you can get a virus by downloading the wrong or malicious apps on your device using the Bluestacks Android emulator. Plus, if you’re downloading apps using an unofficial BlueStacks site instead of the official website, then that might be an issue.

Is it possible to hack Android games using BlueStacks?

No, it’s not possible to hack Android games using BlueStacks. BlueStacks is an emulator that is free to use and run Android apps on your Mac or Windows devices. With it, you can download unlimited games on your device.

Is BlueStacks safe for Windows?

Yes, BlueStacks is safe to use as an emulator on your Windows. Make sure you download it from the official BlueStack website.

Do you think using BlueStack is safe on Mac?

Yes, BlueStacks is indeed one of the safest Android emulators to use on Mac and Windows devices. It helps give the best gaming experience, adding those apps that aren’t easily downloadable on all devices.

Is Bluestacks legal to use?

Yes, Bluestacks is a legitimate and legal emulator that can be used to download Android apps that are also available for free on both Windows and Mac.

Conclusion – Is Your Data Private?

So, what’s the verdict? Is Bluestacks Safe to use on Windows and Mac devices? The short answer is yes. The blog wouldn’t be complete without discussing Bluestack’s data collection practice. It is one of the important areas that you should explore when giving access to an application. Bluestack claims that personal information, such as name, and email address, is not shared with third parties, however, you could always use a gaming VPN for that.

But that does not apply to other types of data. Classifying it under “non-identifiable information,” Bluestack says that advertisers may use geographic locations and usage data for personalized ads. Bluestacks assures that information shared with advertisers is not personally identifiable, hence cannot be tied to you.

Take Control of Your Privacy Today! Unblock websites, access streaming platforms, and bypass ISP monitoring.

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