48 Best Torrentz Alternatives – Working Alternatives for Torrentz

Torrentsz.eu is, or was, one of the most popular torrent sites but due to uncertain circumstances got shut down, just like KickassTorrents. The reason behind the shutdown of the site is still unknown and now torrent lovers have gotten furiated by the development. However, before you break down to this news, we took the responsibility to make this 48 best Torrentz alternatives list that will satisfy all your torrenting needs and make you forget Torrentz instantly.

Best Torrentz Alternative

Torrentz.eu was a highly-rated torrent search engine that offered latest torrent files and magnet links for your favorite content including movies, TV series, games, music and much more. It had millions of visitors but since it got taken down, torrentz fans have been in some sort of dismay and now everyone is looking for the best Torrentz alternatives to enjoy P2P file sharing just like they used to with Torrentz. You may find a few torrentz mirror sites, but they are nothing more than just a mere reflection of the original website.

Note: It is important to use a VPN while torrenting to keep all activities anonymous and keep agent who are on the lookout for you at an arm’s length.

48 Best Torrentz Alternatives

Torrentz fanatics who are searching for the best alternatives for torrentz, here are the 48 Working alternatives to Torrentz for all your torrenting needs:

Before You Access the Best Torrentz Alternatives, Use a VPN

Before you jump on to accessing the best Torrentz alternatives list, make sure you have FastestVPN to avoid getting into legal trouble. All websites share copyright content and if you download such content, beware that Copyright holders can track your IP address to know your whereabouts and sue you for copyright infringement. By using a torrent VPN, you can change your IP to that of another region and become anonymous to such trouble.

Here’s a Detailed Look on the Best Torrentz Alternatives

1. The Pirate Bay

the pirate bay kickass torrent alternative

Since the taken down of Torrentz, The Pirate Bay has become the leading torrent provider in the industry.  It offers a huge torrent library of content of numerous categories to give torrent users everything at one place. Want to download movies? TV shows? games? Name it and you will find it on The Pirate Bay website. Even after getting threats, it’s still alive and certainly the best Torrentz alternatives you will come across.

2. LimeTorrents

limetorrents torrentz alternative

LimeTorrents is my favorite on this list of best Torrentz alternatives due to it wide database of torrents for different categories. It also offers magnet links that you can use to download your favorite content straight through the torrentz client.

3. isoHunt

isohunt torrentz alternative

isoHunt has been around for almost a decade and it still is working smoothly. A top torrent indexing website, isoHunt offers a multitude of torrents of different categories including movies, games, tv series, and more. It’s one of the best Torrentz alternatives after The Pirate Bay and Torrentfunk.

4. iDope

idope torrentz alternative

iDope is another top torrentz indexing website that collects sources from various torrentz websites. iDope has a dedicated Android app which means Android users can now download torrentz files on their devices without any fuss. You will find torrents for tons of categories on iDope including latest movies.


rarbg torrentz alternative

RARBG is a highly popular torrent indexing website and the most recommended one in our best Torrentz alternatives list. It offers a bulk of torrent from all categories and also a comments sections for the user to authenticate the torrent file before downloading.

6. BT Scene

bt scene torrentz alternative

Not only is BT Scene a top contender for the best Torrentz alternatives, but it is also one of the biggest torrentz search engines right now. It has the standout interface and offers a torrentz on a wide array of categories like movies, music, shows, software, etc.

7. TorrentDownloads

torrentsdownload torrentz alternative

TorrentDownloads is a great torrenting website for anyone who is looking for the best Torrentz alternatives. It offers verified torrents and magnet links especially media content with great video quality.

8. Demoniod

demoniod torrentz alternative

Demonoid is certainly one of the best torrent sites and the best Torrentz alternatives currently. It hosts a great database of torrents for various categories like movies, music, audiobook, and much more. You can also upload torrent files easily by registering to the website.

9. Torlock

torlock torrentz alternatives

Torlock is yet another highly-rated torrentz website and one of the best Torrentz alternatives according to many experts. Currently, Torlock offers more than 4 million torrentz files on the website. It offers content of 11 different categories including series, movies, software, and much more.

10. Popcorn Time

popcorntime torrentz alternative

Popcorn time is not a torrent website, rather a streaming service, but it does make our list of best Torrentz alternative due to the huge collection of Movies and TV shows it offers for streaming. It doesn’t let you download any movies or tv shows but uses torrenting websites as a source to bring you content. You can easily watch popular movies and tv shows with high quality streaming with Popcorn Time. However, Popcorn Time blocks in various countries and you must get a Popcorn Time VPN to stay anonymous while streaming in geo-restricted places.

Note: Keep all DMCA notices at bay and torrent fearlessly with FastestVPN. Without a VPN, you are exposed and more prone to threats online.

11. YourBittorrent

yourbittorrent alternative to torrentz

YourBittorrent, previously known as Torrents.me, was founded in 2003 just like Torrentz by the name myBittorrent. It is one of the best Torrentz alternatives due to its wide database of torrents for movies, series, games, e-books, software, and more.

12. BTDB

btdb torrentz alternative

BTDB has one of the best torrentz search engines with BitTorrent DHT to bring you popular and latest torrents instantly. You can download tons of content easily through its easy to use interface, which makes it one of the best Torrentz alternatives for me.

13. YTS.ag

yts.ag torrentz alternatives

YTS.ag also makes our list of best Torrentz alternatives due to its wide array of the torrent directory. If you loved torrentz, you would surely find YTS.ag a great torrent website.

14. RuTracker

rutracker torrentz alternative

Rutracker is a popular Russian torrentz website and a favorite for many torrent users around the globe. It is currently blocked in Russia, however, users can still access it by using a torrent VPN. RuTracker is on this list of best Torrentz alternatives due to its huge directory of torrents of numerous genres including Russian content.

15. Torrent Hound

torrenthoud torrentz alternative

Torrent Hound doesn’t offer a large directory of torrents like others but it offers the most popular ones that are trending. You may also find older torrents but they might be slow to download due to the lack of seeder. It also offers a dedicated torrent client for users to securely download their favorite torrent files.

16. Torrent Project

torrent project torrentz alternative

Torrent Project offers a massive torrent library with more than nine million torrents listed on the site. Its database is updated frequently but lacks a smooth interface. However, it offers torrents on categories such as video, audio, e-books, games, and apps. Due to its vast torrent directory, Torrent Project makes our list of best Torrentz alternatives.

17. Seedpeer

seedpeer torrentz alternative

Seedpeer has been a popular torrentz directory for a now and one of the best Torrentz alternatives, because of its variety of torrents for various categories. You can find your favorite and popular torrentz files for download and upload as well.

18. BitSnoop

bitsnoop torrentz alternative

BitSnoop is another Russian torrent site and is similar to The Pirate Bay. It provides torrents of numerous categories. You can also download a torrent to your torrent client through magnet links.

19. Zooqle

zooqle torrentz alternative

Zooqle is one of the most simple torrent websites and the best Torrentz alternatives you should know about. It offers a huge selection of torrents including latest movies and TV shows.

20. 1337x

1337x torrentz alternative

When we talk about the best Torrentz alternatives, 1337x surely comes to mind. It offers torrents for various genres and magnet links to download your favorite content directly through the torrent clients.

21. Toorgle

toorgle torrentz alternative

Toorgle offers a vast torrent search engine but doesn’t host any torrent files itself. It will basically give you torrent results from other torrent websites according to what you have searched. It would be foolish to not consider it as one of the best Torrentz alternatives.

22. EZTV

eztv torrentz alternative

EZTV offers the biggest torrent database but comes short on providing the torrents for the latest content. However, it still is one of the best Torrentz alternatives in the industry.

23. Mininova

mininova torrentz alternative

Mininova offers a huge torrent directory with a wide variety of torrents for users to enjoy. You find torrents for movies, music, shows, software, and whatnot. You will find everything except adult content on Mininova.

24. ExtraTorrent

extratorrent torrentz alternative

ExtraTorrent is another highly-rated torrent website with thousands of visitors each day. You will find a huge directory of content on ExtraTorrent website for download. Due to its immense torrent database, ExtraTorrent is worthy to be considered as one of the best Torrentz alternatives at the moment.

25. TorrentReactor

torrentreactor torrentz alternative

Torrent Reactor offers torrents in millions. It is considered one of the most active torrent websites and surely the best Torrentz alternatives after The Pirate Bay.  You can download torrents of content such as movies, music, series, adult, and much more. You will find all the latest torrents that are currently trending recently.

Reminder: Check your VPN connection twice before torrenting because if you are caught torrenting without VPN, you will have to face strict consequences.

26. GameTorrents

gamestorrent torrentz alternative

GameTorrents is all about games. It offers a vast collection of games of different genres that you can download directly or through magnet links. You will find verified torrents that can be downloaded without any hassle.

27. KickassTorrents

kickasstorrents torrentz alternative

Who doesn’t know about KickassTorrents. The biggest torrent website for almost 2 decades until it was shut down last year, kickasstorrents somehow comes back in the form of mirror website and is still a great option if you are searching for best torrentz alternatives. You can find torrents of movies, shows, games, apps and much more on kickasstorrent mirror sites that are still working.

Also check out our list of best Kickass Torrent Alternatives.

28. TorrentFunk

torrentfunk torrentz alternative

TorrentFunk has been around for a while now and offers torrent files of various categories including Movies, music, series and much more. You can download all the latest files of your favorite content in an instant. TorrentFunk is surely one of the best Torrentz alternatives you could find right now.

29. Monova

monova torrentz alternative

Monova is another popular torrent search engine with tons of features for torrent uploaders and downloaders. By registering to Monova, you can instantly upload any content on the go. For fans who love to download content, you will find Monova to be one of the best Torrentz alternatives with a wide range of content to download.

30. Torrentz2

torrentz2 torrentz alternative

Torrentz2 is the closest thing you will find to the original Torrentz website. It is similar to Torrentz and is not in any way a Torrentz mirror website. The site offers more than 61 million torrents for users to download. It offers verified torrents just like torrentz use to and is rightfully one of the best Torrentz alternatives right now.

31. Many books

many books torrentz alternative


Manybooks is not really a torrent search engine, but it is a free ebooks search engine that allows you to download thousands of ebooks for free. You don’t need to download ebooks through torrentz anymore, instead you do download them all from ManyBooks. Currently, there are more than 29,000 eBooks available at ManyBooks for iPad, Nook, Kindle and other eReaders.ts-me

32. Torrents.me

torrentz alternate torrentz me

Manybooks is not really a torrent search engine, but it is a free ebooks search engine that allows you to download thousands of ebooks for free. You don’t need to download ebooks through torrentz anymore, instead you do download them all from ManyBooks. Currently, there are more than 29,000 eBooks available at ManyBooks for iPad, Nook, Kindle and other eReaders.

33. FilesLoop.com

filesloop.com torrentz alternatives
FilesLoop also offer search for your favorite content from popular torrent websites and allows you to download it straightaway. The website lets you download your favorite files and save them to be able to watch them offline on your preferred devices. FilesLoop also offers a free trial service with which you can download upto 1GB of files at unlimited speeds. If you pay for a premium account, you will be able to download and save unlimited torrent files at top speed. It is one of the best torrentz alternative for sure.

34. Torrentzeu.to

torrentzeu.to torrentz alternative
Torrentzeu offers a free and fast torrent search engine that collect results from a wide number of torrent websites and search engines. The website is ad free and you can download your favorite torrent without any interruptions. However, the website doesn’t offer any stats on the websites it is listing, and you also cannot check the number of indexed torrents on the website. Many parts of the website are currently under development including a commenting and voting section. Though you will find your favorite torrent files easily through its advanced search engine.

35. BTDigg

btdigg torrentz alternative

BTDigg is a popular torrent website among youngsters due to its user-friendly interface that lets even kinds to find torrents and download their favorite movies, shows, games, etc., for free. If you haven’t used BTDigg before, you will find it really easy to use and search free torrents from the website and download them on your device.One big issue with BTDigg is that it is currently banned in many countries and you will face restriction when accessing the site or download torrents, just like torrentz which is now down completely. However, with a VPN for torrent, you can access the site from anywhere under full online protection. So if you’re finding the best Torrentz alternatives, then BTDigg is one the many you can opt for.

36. Tree Torrent

tree torrent torrentz alternative
TreeTorrent offer a huge meta-search engine for you to download your favorite torrents from popular torrent websites like Pirate Bay, IsoHunt, LimeTorrents, etc., indexed by the website. it is a big website that offer meta-scan for the torrent. The website also allows its users to search and download torrent records easily. You will find a ton of torrent categories including movies, shows, games, software, audio, anime, and more through which you can download your desired content instantly.

37. TorrentRover

torrentrover torrentz alternative

TorrentRover can also be considered one of the best Torrentz alternatives as it uses the most renowned torrent search engines such as the Pirate Bay, isoHunt, BitScoop, etc., to bring you latest and popular torrent files for download. The best thing about TorrentRover is that it is consistently being improved and updated to offer you the best torrent results.Downloading torrents with TorrentRover is simple. You can do it (download torrents) with just a double click. One more thing that stands out for TorrentRover is that it allows you to download torrents automatically. You can do that by setting up a recurring search to download your desired content that you don’t want to miss, on time. it a great torrent website and a one of the best Torrentz alternatives around.

37. Magnetico

magnetico torrentz alternative
Magnetico uses BitTorrent’s DTH to find your desired content as well peers. It works like a personal torrent search engine that keeps all the indexes it creates to be completely private. Basically, it lets user with a fast internet connection to access a wide range of torrents in the DHT space, with relying on a central entity. It is more of a light web interface that allows you to search and download your favorite torrent.

38. Torrent Harvester

torrent harvester torrentz alternative
Torrent Harvester is actually a useful BitTorrent software that allows you to search and download torrents on different websites and brings you results in a single list. It offers you to search content from a wide range of categories and download it instantly.

39. 101torrent.net

101torrent.net torrentz alternative
101torrent.net is a very popular torrent indexing website that allows you to download torrents of a wide range of categories including latest movies, shows, animes, and more, as well as games for different consoles.


40. Veoble

veoble torrentz alternative
Veoble offers a vast torrent search engine that is powered by Google Custom Search. You can use it to efficiently find and download all sorts of torrents like movies, songs, shows, games and more.

41. TorrentKing

torrentking torrentz alternative
TorrentKing is a huge torrent meta-search engine for movies. It collects torrents from a wide number of torrent websites and shows it all in a single page. All you need to do is to search your desired movies and download them on your preferred devices without worrying about the movie quality.

42. Torrentz.bz

torrentz.bz torrentz alternative
Torrentz.bz is a clone of Torrentz, a fast and powerful meta-search engine combining results from dozens of search engines.

43. ToorrTuga

tortuga torrentz alternative
Search and download new TV shows & TV series, movies, mp3, music, and PC/PS2/PSP/Wii/Xbox games absolutely for free.

44. Apple Torrent

apple torrent torrentz alternative
Apple Torrent is a popular Bittorrent directory where you will find tons of apps for Mac and other Apple device. The apps you will find are updated and you can browse through the site freely without getting unnecessary ads.

45. HqFull

hqfull torrents alternative
HqFull is also a great option for torrentz users as it allows you to download movies, shows, and tons of other content directly for free. The content is always high-quality so you will get HD experience on your devices.

46. Torrent finder

torrent finder torrentz alternative
Torrent Finder is a multi-search engine that shows result of your desired content from 82 different torrent websites and trackers on a single page. You simply need to enter your torrent keyword and select your preferred torrent websites and trackers to begin your search.

47. Torrentz.to

torrentz.to torrentz alternative
Torrentz.to is a great clone of Torrentz and offers a unique interface to give you efficient searching. You can use it just like you’ve used Torrentz and get your desired torrents easily.

48. Torrentz.io

torrentz.io torrentz alternative
Torrentz.io is a new clone version of torrentz.eu and offers torrents from a larger number of torrent sites than the original site. You will find every torrent category just like on torrentz.eu.

Why use Kodi instead of Torrents?

Kodi, unlike torrent websites, is a streaming service that allows users to stream content just like PopcornTime, plus download content through various add-ons. However, Kodi fetches its content from the torrenting websites like torrentz or kickasstorrents for streaming. But before you start streaming on Kodi, make sure you have a Kodi VPN installed to avoid facing regional blockage and copyright laws.

Final Words

So there you have it, 48 best Torrentz alternatives for those who enjoy torrenting. Torrentz was one of the oldest torrent websites and more reliable one, but since it got shut down, things may have changed for many torrent fans. However, with this list, you are surely going to enjoy torrenting the way you use to with Torrentz and download your favorite content easily.

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