The Best Torrent Sites to Lookout for in 2019

We all love torrenting. Over the past decade, it became one of the best ways to download large files over the internet. The launch of the BitTorrent protocol was followed by torrent websites that host files for users to download. As of right now, the number of torrent websites in existence is an overwhelming figure.

The number of torrent websites on the internet might not be as much overwhelming as the task of finding the good ones may be. There are loads of torrent websites that only live to serve as an advertisement platform, not to mention the harmful malware that can harm your computer disguised as the torrent you wish to download.

But before we dive in to the list of the best torrent sites, let us give you a brief overview on what torrenting is and why it’s so popular – among a few warnings.

Best Torrent Sites

What is Torrenting?

Torrenting, more specifically the BitTorrent protocol, is a way of sharing files over the internet. This is another in the list of protocols, and this one utilizes the P2P (Peer-to-Peer) principle. The idea of P2P network architecture is that all participants (computers) on the – decentralized – network are inter-connected and share resources. This is unlike a centralized network where a server routes traffic and requests.

To use BitTorrent, you require a BitTorrent like uTorrent and an internet connection.

Now you must be wondering how a P2P network benefits users downloading files off the internet. In a client-server network, the server hosts the file and clients connect to the server and request a download. The more clients attached to the server, the more traffic the server has to handle. High traffic usually translates to the server slowing downloading speeds to handle all those requests.

With BitTorrent, no single computer on the network hosts the file – all of them do! BitTorrent works by splitting a file into chunks, allowing users downloading that file to retrieve a chunk from one peer and another chunk from other. Once you have a chunk downloaded yourself, you begin sharing that chunk with another user on the network. That’s how it works – a decentralized network that relies on its users sharing resources.

Hence, the speed that you get when using BitTorrent for downloading depends on the number of users in the swarm, and the rate at which they are uploading their chunk. The more users there are in the swarm, the faster the download. It is why finding the best torrent sites is so important; the best ones have more user’s actively downloading/uploading files.

Is BitTorrent Illegal?

BitTorrent itself is not illegal. It is just a protocol designed to connect devices across the internet in order to share resources. However, BitTorrent (or torrenting) has become synonymous with piracy, so it’s easy to think that torrenting itself is an illegal exercise.

The issue that arises is that much of the content on torrent sites violate copyright laws. Movies, TV shows, applications that have been obtained illegally are protected by copyright laws. As a user, you are violating the law that prohibits the use of such copyright-protected content.

Because of that, torrent websites are constantly fighting a battle against legal authorities such as the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act). Many torrent sites have come and gone due to the pressure they receive from the DMCA.

It’s really up to you how you use torrents. But in a nutshell, torrenting is completely safe.

The Best Torrent Sites for 2019

We have compiled a list of torrent websites that offer the best content and active users required for the best downloading experience.

However, you should always be careful when downloading torrents from public torrents. They may contain malware that harms your computer. Always read comments on a particular torrent file before downloading it.

  • 1337x

1337x shot up in popularity when certain other torrent websites temporarily shut down. The torrent tracker enjoys the healthy activity. It is updated with the latest releases in Movies, TV Shows, Book, Applications, and more.

The website has also spawned multiple mirror websites. If the primary is not working for you then try or instead.

  • Demonoid

One of the oldest torrent trackers, Demonoid, caught the attention law-enforcement agencies and was shut down. It resurfaced, but the time it took to return was enough to give competing torrent trackers to attract Demonoid’s traffic.

It was announced by the Demonoid team that its founder had deceased some time ago, and the community is now struggling to bring back Demonoid. At this time, Demonoid is not serving content. But when it resurfaces, here’s a torrent website for you to check out.

  • Torrentz2

Torrentz2 is the reincarnation of the popular Torrentz website which was shut down. But now the successor has returned to give users the same level of functionality as its predecessor.

The website is a torrent search engine; it does not host any content on the website. Instead, users make use of the website’s powerful search capability to search thousands of torrent files across the internet and view them in an aggregated manner. It currently has 61,108,365 torrents from 227,769,054 pages on the internet.

  • The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is legendary in terms of popularity. It is more than a decade old and has witnessed several lawsuits over the years. Several countries have blocked the website, and it was eventually shut down. It resurfaced sometime back with the same domain extension.

The website gives you access to torrents such as Movies, TV Shows, Games, Applications, and more. It is always uncertain if torrent websites will continue to operate in the future, so enjoy this option while it’s still online.


RARBG is a huge repository of torrents, delivering content from movies, TV shows, music, games, and software. It’s quite active, so you need not worry about inactive torrents much. The latest release at the time of writing includes Shazam, Brightburn, Dumbo, and Pet Sematary.

  • Torlock

Torlock is another torrent search engine on our list. Like Torrentz2, it does not store content on its servers but instead allows you to lookup your favorite torrent on the internet. It features a list of popular torrents on the home page to give you an idea of the hottest torrents among its users.

  • YTS

YTS is hugely popular among movie enthusiasts. It is famous for delivering high-quality movies in small sizes. The group used to distribute their work through other websites before they went independent thanks to the popularity of their releases.

Each movie has also been given its own page, full with relevant information like official poster, synopsis IMDB rating, cast information, and technical information about the torrent file itself.

  • Limetorrents

Limetorrents scours the internet looking for the best-related items for you. The powerful search bar allows you to type in a query and access the best torrents of that particular content on the internet. The previous domain has been replaced by

Aside from filtered search based on Anime, Applications, Games, Movies, Music, TV Shows, the website allows you to lookup torrents through its Top Torrents, Latest Torrents, and other categories.

  • IsoHunts

Formerly known as IsoHunt, IsoHunts is another long-running torrent website similar to The Pirate Bay. The two websites have been serving torrents for as long as we can remember torrenting. Like others, this too got into trouble with authorities, and it temporarily went out of operation.

It’s back now but with a caveat. In order to download anything off IsoHunt, you first need to download its client then register with an email address. You will then receive free login information which you can use to download torrents off the website.

  • Torrents

This is another torrent search engine that works by searching the internet for your requested content. Torrents layout is quite neat and easy-to-use. A search bar featured at the home page allows you to search for anything.

Also on the home page is a chart that shows trending keywords and their performance throughout the week.

Conclusion – Best Torrent Sites

That wraps up our list of the best torrent sites for 2019. While there are certainly more on the internet, but the list right here represents the best there are; owing to regularly updated content and active user-base.

We highly recommend that you secure yourself with FastestVPN before using torrents. Some of the content that you download may have been acquired illegally. To prevent any legal trouble, protect your identity so that you remain out of the radar.

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