Best Kodi Builds 2021 {100% Working Updated List}

If you are an existing Kodi user and have been at it for quite a while, then the wish to customize it must have crossed your mind plenty of times. While the default Kodi build is simple and easy to use, for a frequent user it gets monotonous and boring. Lucky for them that Kodi already had multiple skins available for you to try.

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Best Kodi Builds

These Kodi builds/skins are all available. The Kodi skins can be found from the Kodi addon repository though that will only change the appearance. However, wouldn’t it be great to have an interface that is customized with pre-installed add-ons? If you immediately nodded yes to that, then Kodi builds are just for you. It may also be of great assistance to new Kodi users who can just install the Kodi builds and have few of the best Kodi addons installed with it. This eliminates some procedural difficulties saves a little time.

What are Kodi Builds?

Kodi builds are themes and skins for Kodi with preinstalled addons. There is a whole treasure trove of Kodi builds out there developed by various Kodi devotees around the world. The Kodi build gives a different feel altogether and for frequent Kodi users, this will feel like a whole new Kodi world.

The installation setup is easy and just a single click away. Just install the Kodi build of your choice on your device and get exciting and useful add-ons as a part of the package along with skins and themes. Check out the list below that covers some of the best Kodi builds of 2021.

What are the best Kodi builds of 2021?

Some of the best Kodi builds are extracted from different places, put in one place and listed below. All the Kodi builds are tried and tested which means they are set to be downloaded and will work great for you too. To ease your installation process, the table below has a list of all the Kodi builds with repositories:

Kodi Builds:RepositoryURLSize (MBs)
No Limits MagicNo Limits Wizard
WookieWookie Repo and Wizardhttp://wiz.wookiespmc.com200
DurexDurex Wizard
TitaniumSupreme buildshttp://repo.supremebuilds.com120
LoboOne nation Repository
TurboTurboJ TV Repository
StealthSG repository
Xontech LightAJ repository
Aeon TeslaTesla builds repository
XenonKodigeeks Wizard
Fire TV GuruFire TV Guru Repo (Wizard)
EquinoxGenie TV Repo (Wizard)
Atomic RebornMisfit Mods Repositoryhttp://misfitmods com/mmwiz/410
WarlockWarlock Wizard
Pulse CCMFire TV Guru
MisFit Mods Lite/mmwiz/repo
CellarDoor TV/repo
Blue Magic/luxury
BK LinksRepo

No Limits Magic Build

No limits magic build is known to be one of the popular most Kodi builds, hence listed first. They are popular for its unique interface and the Aeon Nox Silver Skin it has. It is a theme that tech-lovers are particularly fond of. The addons include Covenant, Bennu, BOB Unleashed, Elysium, Quantum, and Stream Army. You can get the build from no limits wizard.

Wookie Build

Wookie is the best Kodi build for exclusive content. The main content that the build has to offer is HD movies, TV shows, Sports, Kids and more. There are some maintenance add-ons too. This Kodi build is best for sport lovers and includes add-ons such as Bob unlashed, sports world, nemesis, Deliverance, hallow TV, boom, stream hub, Posiden, UK Turk, covenant, Wolfpack and GoodFellas.

Durex Build

Durex build is amongst the top 3 constantly in the Kodi builds a list. This is owing to its numerous advantages, one of it being its tremendous performance despite its size of 470 MBs. It is also the best Kodi build for Firestick as it works the fastest in comparison to the others. Genesis Reborn, Argon live Tv, Neptune Rising, Uranus, Skynet, Placenta, and Pure sports Kodi are some of the best preinstalled addons available in this build. The build can be installed via Durex wizard.

Titanium Build

Titanium build has commendable content of TV shows, Sports, Movies, Live IPTV and more. It is a newly launched build which is available through the supreme build repository. It has addons under every category possible and in comparison to other builds, it has both paid and free IPTV services to offer. If you have a paid subscription already to one of the paid IPTV services, then you can use that within the titanium Kodi build.

Lobo Kodi Build

Lobo build for Kodi is from the one nation repository. It is relatively new than the rest which is an advantage as the addons are then updated and working great. The performance is extraordinary and doesn’t lag despite its size. The interface is somewhat similar to the Ares build so if you have used that already, you might want to try some other build this time around.

Turbo Kodi Build

Turbo build is the best Kodi build for PC. The contents have to offer are in the category of TV shows, Live TV, Sports, Kids, Music, and other apps. It also has multi scraper features and is very robust. Just make sure you are going for a fresh installation while getting build for Kodi. There are two versions available of this Kodi build – normal and lite. The lite version is great if you are getting this Kodi build for Firestick.

Stealth Build

Just as the name implies, the Stealth Kodi build is sturdy and secure to be used on Android TV boxes and Amazon Firestick. This build has vast content with the interface similar to Kodi Jarvis version. It is available on the SG wizard in the SG repository. The SG wizard has 3 versions, including stealth, which are ultimate and atripid. If you want Tv shows, music, sports, IPTV and more on PC and laptops, then the ultimate version is a better option for you.

Xontech light Kodi Build

Xontech light is a very lightweight Kodi build that does not put a load on your device. It is a great build for IPTV enthusiasts as it has the best IPTV features. The categories and everything else is pretty much similar but the edge that this build has over others is that its live TV section is full of new and updated content – all with working links. It can be found from AJ Wizard which includes AJ Builds, Becky builds, Pauls builds, and community builds.


Xenon Kodi build pulls streams from 56+ addons which is definitely an attracting point for Kodi users as it minimizes time spent on addon installation. The addon list is amazing with add-ons like a maverick, Skynet, bob unleashed, stream hub and more. A distinguishing factor is that this Kodi build also has a weather widget. Is that cool or is that cool?!

Fire TV Guru Kodi Build

Fire TV Guru Build is mild and pleasant to the eyes. It has light scenic background colors and uses the Xonfire skin. To get this build you must clear your old data on Kodi and make a fresh install. What makes this addon so great is the fact that the fire TV wizard has separate internet tools and retro gaming wizard. But the downside of the build is that it pulls fewer streams in comparison and addons in comparison are also less. If it is updated with more streams in the future, it makes up for a great build overall.

Equinox Kodi Build

This is one of the best Kodi builds which is fully packed with entertainment. It has plenty of categories to satisfy everyone’s entertainment hunger. The user can choose from sections like movies, TV shows, Sports, 24/7, Kids zone, documentary and much more. This build is especially epic for those sports lovers. The size of the build is high, yet the performance is smooth and steady. If you have a Firestick, you may want to choose another build though this one runs exceptionally on all other devices.

Atomic Reborn Kodi Build

The “Reborn” in the Atomic Reborn Kodi build suggests that it is a new version of the previous Atomic build. It is one of the best Kodi builds simply because it gained its popularity from the 4K video streaming it has to offer. The build is updated quite regularly, which makes it a good option to have. The addons this build pulls streams from including Neptune rising, placenta, Maverick, Monster Munch, The pyramid, Prometheus, and Buckys.

Warlock Kodi Build

After Durex Kodi build, Warlock Kodi build is next best when it comes to performance and speed. It is lightweight. Even though the size is smaller than Durex build, it lags a little which makes it second best. Though in addition to all the entertainment it offers, it also has maintenance addons that ensure optimal performance. Due to it low size and less memory consumption, we recommend it for 2nd gen Firestick and Android Boxes.

Note: No matter which device you choose to download the build on, remember that Kodi is open source and makes you vulnerable to threats online. Get complete anonymity and secure all your devices with FastestVPN.

Pulse CCM Kodi Build

The build for Pulse CCM is premium and undeniably the best Kodi build for entertainment. This is also available on the Fire TV Guru repository and uses Fire TV wizard for installation. The add-on, however, is having little issues as of recently which is why we cannot assure if it will work well on all device right now. Though once all problems with the build are addressed, this makes for a great Kodi build.


Xanax is by far the best Kodi build in the aspect that it offers all the best skins and themes. Xanax was developed from the same people who developed the renowned Durex build. Not surprisingly that Xanax also has a similar interface design and layout as Durex.

If you wish to download and use this Xanax Kodi Build for your Kodi just remember to also subscribe to FastestVPN for added security and to ensure you don’t run to any geo-restrictions when downloading this build.

MisFit Mods Lite

Misfit Mod Lite Kodi build is great for Kodi users with little memory on their device. With this build, you shall also be able to stream all of your favorite media content with as little effort as possible. MisFit Mod Lite is truly an amazing build with a vast library of media content, which is sure to suit your streaming needs.

CellarDoor TV

The Cellardoor TV Kodi build, has been gaining popularity recently for its size and usability. As other Kodi Builds come and go, CellarDoor TV works perfectly on nearly every Kodi device. Many people, however, love CellarDoor’s sleek interface along with its vast streaming options.

Blue Magic

The Blue Magic Kodi build is a simple choice for old Kodi users. Featuring an easy to use interface, which gives multiple categories for streaming all their content. Compared to the other Kodi builds in our list, Blue Magic also comes with the best add-ons available for all.

BK Links

BK Links is an amazing Kodi build built to satisfy all your viewing needs. However, due to its size, this build may not be able to be downloaded on all devices. For those who can download this build, BK Links has numerous great options for 4K viewing, Sports fans, Kids, and much more.


For Kodi users looking for a small but accessible Kodi builds, Maze is the go-to choice. Maze is an extremely fast Kodi build, which uses updated add-ons, with no shortage of content for its users. There are numerous Kodi build versions at Maze including a dedicated family version for PG-rated add-ons.


When using Kodi 18 Leia to find the best Kodi builds, you can’t go wrong with the Streamline Kodi Build. As a lightweight yet powerful build, Streamline also comes with numerous add-ons. Their interface is extremely smooth, and there are plenty of sources to choose from when viewing your favorite content, but you might run into geo-restrictions when downloading this Kodi Build, which is why downloading FastestVPN is absolutely essential.


Doomzday is an appealing Kodi Build, full of content, categories, and a unique interface. Doomzday is an extremely easy to use Kodi B=build and comes with many exciting add-ons such as; The Magic Dragon, DeathStar, Loki, Venom, and much more. Overall, Doomzday is an appealing Kodi build which is, in fact, small enough to work on any streaming device, including Amazon Firestick.


Grindhouse is a solid Kodi Build Wizard which includes several unique add-ons for Kodi 18. The Grindhouse Kodi build is full of content, categories, and many have fascinating interfaces. Some of the add-ons included within the Grindhouse builds are; Numb3r5, Magic Dragon, and Jor-El. When choosing the best Kodi Build, make sure you choose Grindhouse.

Top Kodi Leia Builds of 2021

After Kodi 17 Krypton we have the Kodi 18 Leia update. The instructions for it can be interchangeably used with the install instructions of Kodi 17, with just a few variations. Here are a few 18 Leia builds that we have found. If you find any better that should be added to the list, do comment below and let us know!

Note: It is always recommended to use FastestVPN with Kodi for privacy and security. It is a VPN that is fast, friendly, ensures anonymity, provides unlimited bandwidth and has a zero logging policy.

5 Best Kodi 18 Leia Builds:

  1. Build Name: Infinit
    • Repo: Krypto
    • Skin: Horizon Skin
    • Size: 370MB
  1. Build Name: Breezz Bas
    • Repo: Breezz Wizard
    • Skin: Aeon Nox Silvo
    • Size: 315MB
  1. Build Name: Maverick 18
    • Repo: Maverick TV
    • Skin: Aeon Nox
    • Size: 108MB
  1. Build Name: Nightshade
    • Repo: Whiz Kid
    • Skin: Bello Nero
    • Size: 300MB
  1. Build Name: Slamious 18
    • Repo: One Nation
    • Skin: Slamious 18
    • Size: 223MB

Conclusion – Best Kodi Build 2021

We have added majority of the best working Kodi builds of 2021 to the list. All of these are tried and tested and while a few might be facing some issues (typically usual for Kodi), the rest are working perfectly well. Make sure you connect to FastestVPN for security and privacy so as to avoid any legal notices. We wish you lots speed on all your devices and a happy Kodi streaming experience!

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