The Best Free Cloud Storage – The Top Choices for 2024

Bursting the bubble, you won’t get unmatched features in any of the best free cloud storage. Yes, the filtered options exist, but let’s not get the hopes too high when finding the best free cloud storage for photos or data. No service provider offers cloud platforms out of their kindness of heart, especially when the consumers are organizations.

Best Free Cloud Storage

According to AAG, in the third quarter of 2023, cloud computing spending surpassed the margin of $57 billion! This marked an impressive increase of $11 billion from the third quarter of 2021.

While the stats sound extraordinary, the significance of cloud computing and lingering cyber threats make the basic features of free options worth trying, too. This article offers a walkthrough of the 10 best free cloud storage options to explore in 2024.

Note: The best free cloud storage with the most space, as mentioned in this article, is generally safe, but using a reliable VPN, like FastestVPN, elevates your digital security guards. Thanks to a concealed IP address, it ensures that none of your digital activities leak into a data breach.

Why You Should Use the Best Free Cloud Storage: Exploring the Benefits

There are various reasons to use the best free cloud storage with most space with FastestVPN.  For all the impressive benefits of the best cloud storage, a free option is a knight in shining armor. As mentioned, don’t expect the best of both worlds from the best free cloud storage with most space, but you’ll save your back from the black hats to some extent.

On the other hand, it’s hard to miss out on all the best cloud storage promises; for example, a few of the below-mentioned stand as the best free cloud storage for photos. Delving into the details, here are the factors that contribute to the significance of the best free cloud storage:

1. Enhanced Data Security

Yes, it’s possible to shield local storage by creating a defensive barrier, i.e., using the best free cloud storage for photos. But not everyone has the specialist skills to be doing that. As a solution, utilizing the best cloud storage becomes a top choice.

The best free cloud storage with most space storage options offers a cut above with enhanced digital security. It ensures that all your individual and organizational data is protected with leak-proof security. Meanwhile, the cloud storage platform providers offer competitive solutions to raise the bar against competitors. Hence, you get to leverage enhanced security protection.

2. Scalable Storage Solutions

Companies offering cloud storage solutions ensure that their services are scalable. The measurement of this often refers to its storage scalability. Meanwhile, the cloud storage providers have contracts with other suppliers that bring everything to your desk.

Furthermore, when paying for the storage, you, as a consumer, are catered to the best of all. This majorly includes the option to expand your local storage and the service’s capacity to accommodate data growth.

3. Cost-effectiveness

Everyone loves cost-effective solutions, especially when it’s data that’s concerned. With the best free cloud storage for photos, you can store and manage data without spending an arm and a leg.

However, this option mainly applies to small- and large-scale businesses. And it’s the cloud storage vendor that does it all for them!

Exploring the Top 10 Options: Which Is the Best Free Cloud Storage?

According to VMware, application integration in public cloud services will become a top priority in 3 years. That said, here’s a list of the 10 cloud storage options that aren’t worth missing out on:

1. Google Drive (4.6/5)

Google Drive stands as the best free cloud storage for photos, thanks to its generous 15GB free storage, various cutting-edge add-ons, and convenient features. You can seamlessly access Drive without additional signups or installations with a Google account or an Android device.

This best free cloud storage for photos offers a user-friendly web interface, and the design and layout of the Android and iOS apps mirror each other, ensuring a smooth transition between platforms. While we were once critical of Google Drive’s desktop applications, they have become just as user-friendly as the rest of the suite. Meanwhile, Drive’s security remains a topic of concern for the majority.

Free Storage



  • Intuitive interface
  • Simple to use
  • Integration with Google Office Suite


  • Limited storage
  • No password protection
  • Automatic synchronization

2. Degoo (4/5)

Degoo, a Swedish cloud storage provider, offers a straightforward yet highly successful strategy to attract new customers as the best free cloud storage with most space. It provides substantially more storage space than most competitors, making it the best free cloud storage for photos.

However, it lacks a dedicated desktop application, which can be considered a usability drawback. Desktop users are limited to using Degoo’s relatively basic web app.

In contrast, the mobile experience is markedly better for this best free cloud storage for photos, as the Android and iOS apps provide users with enhanced options, controls, and features.

Free Storage

20 GB


  • Intuitive mobile app interface
  • Ample free data storage


  • Deletes files on 90-days inactivation
  • Unavailability of desktop app

3. IceDrive (4.3/5)

IceDrive, a relatively new player in the best cloud storage arena, strives to emulate the experience of using a physical hard drive. The company introduces what they describe as “revolutionary” drive-mounting software, allowing users to access files without consuming local device space.

Creating public links for files and folders or sharing them via email is straightforward on this best cloud storage. Shared content can be safeguarded with passwords and set to expire. However, it doesn’t support real-time collaboration on documents like how Google G Suite does.

One notable benefit is IceDrive’s zero limitations on file size, setting it apart from other cloud storage providers. The service claims to prioritize security by employing the ultra-secure Twofish algorithm to protect user data.

Meanwhile, for paid subscribers, client-side encryption ensures that data is encrypted on the user’s device before being transferred to servers. Additionally, 2-factor authentication adds an extra layer of security to user logins on this best cloud storage.

Free Storage

10 GB


  • Robust security features
  • Affordable prices
  • Offers a virtual drive


  • The virtual drive is limited to Windows
  • Limited customer care options

4. Internxt

Internxt is a must-try as the best cloud storage platform offering cutting-edge features as the best free cloud storage for photos. And, you can get its free storage plan with FastestVPN. From an intuitive interface to offering ease of use, this cloud storage platform ensures it’s accessible without limitations, making it the best free cloud storage with most space. Meaning it’s compatible with different languages, i.e., Russian, German, French, and the list goes on.

You also don’t need a credit card to sign up for a free Internxt account; you only have to provide your email and set up a password. Initially, you receive 2 GB of complimentary storage with this best free cloud storage with most space, with the opportunity to increase it to a maximum of 10 GB.

Free Storage

10 GB


  • Enhanced security
  • Intuitive interface
  • Ease of use
  • Premium features are free


  • No 2FA

5. Mega (4.2/5)

Mega surpasses expectations in various aspects, offering a substantial 20GB of free space, a noteworthy feature of this best free cloud storage with most space – making it the best free cloud storage for photos. However, the generosity doesn’t end there.

Installing the desktop app gives you an additional 5GB, and the mobile app provides another 5 GB. You can get an extra 5GB by either verifying your phone number or referring a friend.

Across all platforms, Mega’s apps are well-designed, clean, and user-friendly.

Despite these advantages, Mega’s free plan has a couple of limitations. Depending on the server load, there may be restrictions on the amount of data you can transfer on this best free cloud storage with most space. The variability of this limit poses a potential challenge, as Mega doesn’t disclose any specific details about it.

6. Sync (4.4/5)

This is a zero-knowledge cloud storage service provider. Meaning, it doesn’t track your encryption keys and personal information that gets stored on this cloud. Overall, it’s only you who can decrypt your data. Cybercriminals can only access surface encrypted information – since it’s a zero-knowledge solution.

Before getting the hopes too high, Sync does contain quite a few limitations. After all, it’s free. However, the free option isn’t worth missing out on for all it offers. It allows 5 GB of safe and secure storage and basic data-sharing options. And that, too, without spending a single penny!

Free Storage

5 GB


  • Ample cloud-data storage
  • Ensure data protection
  • Basic data-sharing features


  • The file encryption feature is limited
  • Unlimited files are only for premium subscribers

7. MediaFire (3/5)

This is a simple cloud storage platform, but do expect the features to be limited. From its storage to features, most of them contribute to a slightly lower rating. Contrary to that, the ease of use and its customer service let it make it to the list of the best 10 cloud storage options.

Offering up to 50GB of data storage, MediaFire allows you to back up your files and share them without hassles. Its primary feature involves unlimited bandwidth and multiple uploads, with your files always accessible. On the other hand, you can always leverage unmatched downloading speeds, thanks to an unlimited bandwidth.

Free Storage

Up to 50 GB


  • Multiple simultaneous downloads
  • Easy file sharing
  • Unlimited bandwidth and downloads
  • Organized files
  • Secure one-time links


  • Unreliable customer support

8. pCloud (3.8/5)

Like the previously mentioned cloud storage options, pCloud only offers a 30-day free trial. Garnering a deserved popularity, pCloud storage only springs life to its users with its paid plans.

In the free version of this cloud storage, you can test its basic features. This includes secure data sharing, banking information, and your application password saving. While the features seem too impressive, the cost can be high.

However, for a trial basis, you can sign up for its 30-day free version and then jump to the paid versions. You can unlock 10 GB of free storage by inviting your friends or following the service’s beginner tutorial to leverage its free storage options.

Additionally, you should expect to be welcomed with both – individual and organizational plans.

Free Storage

10 GB


  • Unmatched security
  • Convenient file management
  • Easy password saving
  • Data synchronization


  • Errors with syncing new files
  • Additional payment for crypto pass key
  • No drag-and-drop option
  • Permanent account deletion over 12 months of inactivation

9. Dropbox (3.5/5)

Dropbox’s free plan provides a modest 2GB of storage, considerably lower than other options mentioned here. The file-sharing capacity is restricted based on your plan, with free users limited to a maximum of 2GB.

And today, almost everyone knows of this top cloud storage service. According to Statista, Dropbox’s market value stood at $ 90.17 billion in 2022. And the value is only projected to hit $ 472.47 billion by 2023.

Generally, it’s the platform’s accessibility that steals the show. Dropbox is accessible through web platforms and various operating systems such as:

  • iOS
  • Android
  • macOS
  • Windows
  • Linux

This widespread availability ensures consistent access to your files.

Free Storage

2 GB


  • Includes third-party integrations
  • Offline file availability


  • Pricey premium plans
  • Limited free storage

10. Apple iCloud (4/5)

Apple’s iCloud is a user-friendly cloud storage solution, simplifying the process of backing up most of your basic data. It seamlessly syncs this data across iOS and Mac devices.

However, iCloud’s support on other platforms is limited. While Windows users can use a basic app to sync files with iCloud, the experience could be more polished on Mac. Notably, there is no official Android app, forcing users to rely on a less-than-ideal web interface or third-party apps.

Regarding capacity, the 5GB free allowance from iCloud may seem restrictive compared to Google’s 15GB offering. While iCloud Drive encrypts data for security, it’s worth noting that not everything is end-to-end encrypted by default.

Free Storage

5 GB


  • Offers cutting-edge features for Mac users
  • Easy file sharing
  • Automatic data syncs


  • Limited free storage

What Are the Key Considerations When Selecting Cloud Storage Options?

The evident increase of data storing and sharing is increasing. And, to facilitate this increasing demand, it’s always the best free cloud storage with most space to rescue. However, navigating your way out of the flood of options available, there must be a list of factors that aid in settling a choice.

That said, here’s a list of factors that you should consider before selecting your best cloud storage option:

1. Data Storage Requirements

Here’s the first step: understand your storage requirements before getting the best free cloud storage with most space. As an individual, a basic 10 GB storage will be good too. But this doesn’t apply to all – however, that’s more of a rough estimation.

Meanwhile, as a business, you must analyze and find the required storage capacity. However, you must know this will mainly be a paid option and not some best free cloud storage with most space.

2. Accessibility and Scalability

As a cloud storage, you must overview the accessibility options it offers. From being accessible from other devices to checking remote availability – the best cloud storage has to provide it all.

Along with that, whatever the choice, cloud storage always has to be scalable. In case of increased storage space, check if you can purchase more storage with time.

3. Security and Privacy

Cloud storage is entirely responsible for the data you store. You need to find something that ensures complete data privacy from an individual to a business. Overview of a storage provider’s privacy and security features to better understand that.

4. Support on the Platform

When purchasing a cloud storage service, check if they offer adequate support on the page. Not everyone’s tech-savvy, and an efficient support team enables the users to understand and use the service without any hurdles. Along with that, free options can be good but you can enhance user safety by using FastestVPN.

Finding the Best Free Cloud Storage: Is There a Free Unlimited Cloud Storage?

So far, there’s no free unlimited best cloud storage. However, you’ve always got the backdoors open if you’re willing to maintain over 50 accounts, which gives you ample storage to access and use for free.

Every free option will give you almost 20 GB, only if they’re generous, but let’s keep that in the estimation. Later, having an account on all will enable you to store your data and access its features, too. However, that’ll be a bit too much of a hassle.

Speaking of hassles, it’s always the comfort you pay for – relax, we’re speaking of monetary payments. If you want to escape the hassle of constant account switching, you can quickly jump to finding reliable cloud storage and leverage its features. And, while the paid options offer better security, it’s still best to use a VPN for elevated security protection.

Where Can I Store My Data Online for Free?

You can store your data online using the above-listed cloud storage options. Getting to the gist, here’s a brief list of the options you’re open to:

  • Google Drive
  • Degoo
  • IceDrive
  • Internxt
  • Mega
  • Sync
  • MediaFire
  • pCloud
  • Dropbox
  • Apple iCloud

FAQs - Best Free Cloud Storage

Which is the best free cloud storage?

The list of the best cloud storage can be a tad long, but generally, Dropbox, Google Drive, and Apple iCloud are the best options.

How can I get 100GB free storage?

Degoo is a reliable cloud storage option, but generally, IceDrive and Internxt offer impressive free storage.

How to get 1TB Google Drive free?

Degoo is a reliable cloud storage option, but generally, IceDrive and Internxt offer impressive free storage.

How to get 1TB Google Drive free?

You can’t usually get 1TB of Google Drive free, but you can increase the storage space by deleting the unimportant files, freeing up photo storage, and cleaning Google spam.

Where can I get the most free cloud storage?

Mega, pCloud, Sync, Internxt, and Degoo offer the most free cloud storage.

Wrapping Up

If you’re getting something for free, then you’re the product, and that’s only a glimpse of the chronicles of capitalism. However, the cloud storage options mentioned here are already too good to be true. But quite honestly, that required a bit of filtering from the pool of solutions currently available.

It’s never only the cloud storage that’s entirely responsible for your data. In some places, it has to be you taking charge. For example, using FastestVPN online conceals your browsing activities and masks your IP address – ensuring no data is ever leaked to the black hats.

Take Control of Your Privacy Today! Unblock websites, access streaming platforms, and bypass ISP monitoring.

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