The Best Flixtor Alternatives for 2019 – Updated List

Flixtor is the online streaming site that has provided us with years of hassle-free streaming services for all your favorite movies and shows, has finally gone offline. Customers everywhere have been itching to find Flixtor Alternatives. All of us would testify that the website was second to none absolutely nothing at all.

Although there may be similar free streaming sites out there, Flixtor was exceptional due to the complete lack of irritating ads and annoying pop-ups. However, you shouldn’t worry even one bit as we are here to provide you with some alternatives until Flixtor comes back on online for all the US TV/movie streaming fanatics out there. Catering to all your binge-urges and ensuring you can go without a care in the world when watching your next movie.

Best Flixtor Alternatives

What happened at Flixtor?

Even though Flixtor has been a little vague about what happened, some analytics think that pressure from the competitive movie industry coupled with some legal issues led to their downfall. However, this may be untrue, as the talented crew at Flixtor did release a statement stating that the website should be back online in the near distant future. So all hope is not lost as yet! Nevertheless, until that time passes you can also subscribe to FastestVPN and stream watch some of these other sites as a temporary fix to all our movie/tv show cravings.

What are some of Flixtor Alternatives

Finding the best streaming site is much more complicated than it seems, potentially any site can harm your computer or endanger your privacy and personal information. Follow our list of Flixtor Alternatives websites to ensure you don’t fall prey to these hazards. Alternatively, we also recommend subscribing to FastestVPN, which should give you unrestricted access to all these sites, with the added benefit of 100% privacy protection.


LookMovie offers you thousands of free movies with no ads at all. It hosts all the latest movies that become available soon after they are released. All these movies range in quality depending on their release date.

They host many customers monthly, and their extensive list of movies feature old classics to recent blockbusters. You can also select subtitles from different languages as well, or turn all captions off if you desire. Unfortunately, LookMovie only offers movies, not TV shows; thus this may be the best option for all movie enthusiasts out there. If LookMovie is inaccessible in your area, we recommend using FastestVPN to bypass this issue.


PopcornTime is a free streaming app featuring thousands of movies and TV shows. The app is compatible with all devices. Whether, it be Android, Windows, macOS, and Linux. Users can easily choose video quality and subtitle options while streaming as well. The vast video catalog is good enough to serve as one of the many Flixtor Alternatives, wherever you are in the world! However, to protect your privacy from getting leaked, FastestVPN is the best option to browse anonymously.

Movies Joy

Movies Joy is a web-based streaming website, which hosts a large number of movies and TV shows in amazing high quality. Whether, it be “720p” or “1080p“. Their users worldwide is a true testament to their overall success in the movie streaming industry. One issue is that all movies who have subtitles turned on by default, can’t be turned off. Which maybe be irritating to some or an unfortunate blessing for others.

Subs Movies

Subs Movies is a well-designed streaming website which has both TV shows and movies in their extensive library. However, the website hosts a lot of ads and pop-ups, which can be annoying. However, by subscribing to FastestVPN, you should be able to overcome this problem and enjoy all your favorite movies and shows.

Watch Series

Finally, we can honestly say we saved the best for last. With Watch Series, you get the option to watch a large number of movies, and TV shows all for free in amazing high quality. The total amount of shows available on Watch Series is genuinely mesmerizing. However, the catch is that the website has many ads. However, unlike the other sites mentioned Watch Series redirects you to a third-party website, due to the reason that they do not host any of the shows themselves as well.

From all these Flixtor Alternatives, we understand that the choice may be difficult. However, you shouldn’t forget that FastestVPN is only here to make your life easier. Thus in this next section, we shall describe how VPNs are needed when streaming your favorite movies, and how FastestVPN checks all the boxes of the best VPN service there is anywhere.

FastestVPN is the best option for all these streaming sites:

 Access Restricted Websites and avoid copyright violations

With FastestVPN, you can change your IP location to access thousands of geo-restricted content from all around the world, and this also ensures comprehensive privacy protection, which in turn safeguards the users. FastestVPN also comes recommended by many to rule out the possibility of getting into any legal problems, for using sites like any of these Flixtor Alternatives.

Block Ads and Malicious Pop-ups

Ads and pop-ups are a common problem inherent in many free streaming websites. Excellent VPN services like FastestVPN not only add encryption to your data but also come with built-in ad and malware blocking capability. They ensure to keep your device and data safe from malware while also blocking unwanted ads on your screen.


Although Flixtor has disappeared from our lives, it hasn’t stopped many Flixtor alternatives from popping up. However, easy as these websites are to access, it also could potentially expose you to irritating ads and malicious Pop-ups. Nevertheless, to avoid all these hurdles and enjoy your favorite movies and TV shows, we recommend subscribing to FastestVPN.

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