EZTV Alternatives 2024 (Working EZTV Proxy Sites)

EZTV Alternatives

EZTV used to be great, but it’s blocked in several regions around the world. For this reason, our guide offers you a wide range of EZTV alternatives and EZTV proxy / mirror sites that you can use. 

NOTE – Most torrenting websites come with ads and malware. They also offer users copyrighted content. FastestVPN is not affiliated with nor owns any of the EZTV proxy sites and alternatives on our list. This guide is only for informational reasons. Ensure that you only access torrenting sites that offer legal content. 

The EZTV website once was the best platform where users could download movies and TV shows torrents. However, most ISPs blocked access to eztv and sites like it. Plus, many countries censored the website. For this reason, many EZTV proxy sites cropped up. 

What is EZTV?

EZTV used to be one of the largest and most popular torrent sites in the world. However, in April 2015, there was a hostile takeover of the EZTV domain by a brand named EZCLOUD LIMITED. During this takeover, EZTV lost most of its data. EZTV might’ve been one of the largest torrenting sites in the world, but now due to its lockdown, there are other EZTV proxies and alternatives that you can use. 

Is EZTV blocked? 

Yes, EZTV, the torrent site, is blocked in several countries around the world. For this reason, users are now accessing EZTV alternatives like The Pirate Bay, RARBG, and 1337x or accessing mirror or EZTV proxy sites that offer similar content as the original. 

The Best EZTV Alternatives in 2024

With FastestVPN, you can watch all your shows free from annoying ads and pop-ups and rest assured that your data is protected from harmful malware. All these EZTV alternatives and EZTV proxy/mirror sites should cater to all your binge-watching urges.

Even though EZTV has been a little private about what happened, many analysts have even come to believe that using EZTV has become a considerable liability. Nevertheless, by following these alternatives, you are sure never to go wrong.

The Pirate Bay

Pirate Bay is the best EZTV alternative from this list, and in fact usually gets the best reviews – being the ultimate source for all your torrenting needs. Since their inception, this torrent based site has made an enormous name for itself. With millions of users worldwide, you can rest assured that they have your every need covered, considering the vast array of features like appealing user interface and torrents availability based on various genres. PirateBay is truly your one stop shop to all your torrenting needs.


1337x is this one of a kind and unique torrenting site which is by far the best EZTV alternatives enabling you to download your desired torrents in a matter of minutes, absolutely free of cost. Whatever torrent tickles your fancy, at 1337x they are sure to have it. Whether it be the latest movies, documentaries, music, or TV shows, they never disappoint when it comes to your entertainment.


Third on the list of EZTV alternatives, we have RARBG, built on the goal to allow you to fulfill your media streaming needs in no time regardless of where you are in the world. The site helps its users in exploring their preferred high-quality torrents at their leisure. Don’t forget you can also subscribe to FastestVPN to ensure you don’t get hit by unwanted ads and pop-ups, and at the same time protecting your computer from harmful malware. Whether it be your favorite TV show or movie, at RARBG they have it all. Just in case RARBG is blocked, here are some proxy sites you can use to unblock it.

Subs Movies

Subs Movies is a well-designed streaming website which has both TV shows and movies in their extensive library. However, the website hosts a lot of ads and pop-ups, which can be annoying. However, by subscribing to FastestVPN, you should be able to overcome this problem, and yet still enjoy all your favorite movies and shows.


With millions of users everywhere, BTScene never disappoints when it comes to watching all your desired movies and TV shows instantly and utterly free of cost. Built with customer experience at the core, BTScene ensures you always leave satisfied and entertained. Furthermore, you can also maximize your media streaming desires by subscribing to FastestVPN to make sure you don’t get hit by any geo-restrictions.


If you’re ever in need to use mirror torrenting sites then this EZTV alternative is the place to be. Toorgle is a purposefully built torrenting website built to ensure your user-experience is as memorable as possible. Their website includes features like a torrent search bar, ensuring convenient access to all favorite TV shows, movies, and songs at the click of a button. Likewise, you can also avail of FastestVPN and remove any restrictions, while at the same time protecting your computer from harmful malware.


SeedPeer is one of a kind torrenting site, which offers you over three million torrent files to millions of customers worldwide. You can also download your desired torrent files anonymously through their incredibly easy-to-use website. All the more while you enjoy their vast database, you can also avail FastestVPN and maximize your experience when using SeedPeer.


As the name suggests, whenever you wish to find torrents related to gaming specifically, then GamesTorrents should be your first choice. They have an incredibly interactive and user-friendly website, which allows you to explore verified and high-quality torrents hassle-free and free of cost! They are purposefully built for the gamers amongst us. Don’t forget you can also subscribe to FastestVPN, and experience their numerous features to the fullest.


It is by far the best torrent site included in this list of best EZTV alternatives, whether it be your favorite TV show, movies, music videos, games or software torrents. TorrentDownloads is sure to have whatever you need. With millions of users worldwide, they ensure quality service and standards wherever you are in the world. Don’t forget you can also avail FastestVPN to the maximum experience from TorrentDownloads.

What Is An EZTV Proxy For?

When EZTV no longer became accessible, users looked for links that were similar to the famous EZTV torrent service. An EZTV proxy offers access to similar design and torrent links that were previously available on the official site. All the EZTV proxy mirror links mentioned below offer you downloadable content ranging from TV series, TV packs, top picks to the most seeded torrents on EZTV, and more. 

Other than these working EZTV alternatives mentioned above, there are a couple of EZTV proxy mirror links mentioned below that are much like the official EZTV torrent site. 

Working EZTV Proxy Sites for 2024

Just in case you’re only looking for the best EZTV proxy or mirror sites, here are some that you can consider. They’re both official and unofficial and are tested as some of the safest to use right now. They are:

FAQs – EZTV Proxy


How do I use EZTV?

An abridged version of how you can use EZTV is by going to the EZTV website, look for the torrent file that you want to download, select the file and click on “Download.” Note the location of the file you downloaded, and open it with your torrent client of choice.

Has EZTV been shut down?

Yes, EZTV was dissolved back in April 2015, after it was taken over by EZCLOUD LIMITED.

Is EZTV illegal?

Yes, EZTV is illegal, which is partially the main reason it got dissolved. The content on its platform had violated a lot of copyright laws, with the service having owned nothing. For this reason, you can use an EZTV alternative.

Is EZTV blocked?

Yes, EZTV, the torrent site is blocked in several countries around the world. For this reason, users are now accessing EZTV alternatives like The Pirate Bay, RARBG, and 1337x or accessing mirror or EZTV proxy sites that offer similar content as the original.


From all of these EZTV Alternatives and EZTV proxy sites mentioned above, you are probably wondering which one is the best for you. Regardless of what you choose, ensure that you use them safely. To prevent your IP address and data from being tracked, always ensure that you use the best VPN for it. FastestVPN helps secure your connection, preventing threats. 

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