Best DNS Servers for Gaming Fast And Securely 2024

What is DNS? Can a DNS server enhance the speeds, security, and performance of gaming? Should you use a free DNS gaming server? This guide highlights everything there is to know on this topic. Here, you will find access to the best DNS servers for gaming in 2024.

Best DNS Server for Gaming

NOTE Gaming online is fun, but some setbacks could ruin your experience. For instance, using a DNS server for gaming might help decrease latency, but it does not encrypt your connection. To ensure that your gaming is safe and unaltered, we recommend connecting to FastestVPN, the best VPN for gaming. It’s fast and secure and helps prevent DDoS attacks and ISP throttling.  

Currently, the best gaming DNS servers are Cloudflare, Quad9, Google Public DNS, Comodo Secure DNS, and OpenDNS. However, before jumping into their details, let’s first talk about what DNS is for gaming. 

What is DNS?

DNS is short for “Domain Name System.” In short, it’s often described as the phonebook or database of the Internet, giving you access to various IP addresses. 

When you access the internet and want to enter specific websites, you will type them out as names instead of the numerical variant of them. 

Then, when you type the name of a website, the DNS servers translate these domain names into IP addresses. 

This makes it easier for Web Browsers to load the website. Plus, DNS servers are a means of removing the need for humans to memorize any IP addresses between the device and the internet. 

Does DNS Have an Impact on Gaming?

Yes, DNS servers do have some impacts or benefits on gaming. These DNS servers are important for gaming consoles to create smooth connections to gaming servers or apps.

 This way, you will be able to download any games online smoothly via the DNS servers, translating and converting the domain names into IP addresses.

 Even though a DNS server for gaming helps load the gaming websites or apps faster, it does not add to the high or low latency of the game itself. Everything within the game will be exactly how it always was; for example, there will be no change in the bandwidth. 

5 Best DNS Servers for Gaming Smoothly

If you’re wondering what are the best DNS gaming servers for PS5 or other gaming consoles to use in 2024, our list below highlights them.

In general, some gamers often use the DNS servers that are given to them by their internet service providers. That, in actuality, does not really offer any fruitful results. 

These servers reportedly control how you access games and their speeds and often block certain gameplay websites. 

This is why we’ve listed some of the best providers for DNS gaming servers. They’re safe and reliable to use for epic gaming experiences. They are: 

1. Cloudflare – Best DNS Servers for Gaming

Cloudflare best DNS servers for gaming

Cloudflare is first on the list of best DNS servers. It is indeed one of the safest and fastest DNS service providers, and for free. Considering that Cloudflare DNS is the best and free, this goes easy on heavy gamers who are on a budget. 

This DNS service provider is preferred among gamers because it comes with tools like DNSSEC and Anti-DDoS, which helps lower the risks of DDoS attacks on these servers. 

This is perfect for gamers who are privacy-conscious. However, DNS servers offered by Cloudflare do not entirely offer any security protection. This is why using FastestVPN for gaming is recommended with it. 

  • Primary DNS –
  • Secondary DNS –

2. Quad9

Quad9 DNS servers

Another one of the best free DNS servers is Quad9. Other than Cloudflare, Quad9, too, does not compromise on the quality of its product. 

Its DNS servers are high-quality, and the service comes with tools like malware protection, DDoS protection, protection against DNS Spoofing attacks, and more. 

Another great aspect of this DNS server service provider is that it detects and blocks malicious hostnames. This way, your internet trails are secure; however, there is a limit to everything, and this DNS service can’t entirely encrypt your connection. 

  • Primary DNS –
  • Secondary DNS –

3. Google Public DNS

Google Public DNS

Google seems to have every kind of service available, and that includes the Google Public DNS. 

This service includes public DNS servers accessible in almost every country in the world. It is fast, secure, and comes with tools like DDoS attack prevention, protection against DNS spoofing, and more.

 However, there is a little bit of a privacy setback. This service of Google is allowed to use your DNS queries or data in every way that it wants in compliance with its policies. Other issues include cutting down the limit of gameplay if it undergoes issues. 

  • Primary DNS –
  • Secondary DNS –

4. Comodo Secure DNS

Comodo Secure DNS

Another great DNS server offered is Comodo Secure DNS. It is both a free and paid provider that offers high-security gateways. 

The service comes with a cloud-based web security tool that prevents any external malicious requests from reaching your device or data while gaming. 

You can choose the subscription plan or free tier based on your requirements. This security DNS suite provides off-network protection.

It helps monitor, detect, and control all traffic over the internet, adding protection to it. The service comes with email technical support just in case you encounter any issues along the way. 

  • Primary DNS –
  • Secondary DNS –

5. OpenDNS


Just because OpenDNS is placed last on the list, it does not make it any less desirable. It is indeed one of the best gaming DNS servers with 100% uptime. 

This service provider has managed to land over 100 million users worldwide who praise its performance for smooth gaming experiences. 

OpenDNS is not only just fast and secure, but its tool allows a safe gateway and blocks millions of vulnerable or malicious domains. Remember that these factors do not hamper the service’s high-performance rates. 

If you’re wondering which is the best version, it has to be the “OpenDNS Home.” This aids in blocking threats or websites with adult content that often slow the gaming process when trying to find the correct website address. 

  • Primary DNS –
  • Secondary DNS –

FAQs – Best DNS Servers For Gaming

What are the best gaming servers?

Other than needing the best DNS servers for gaming, getting the best gaming server hosts are Apex Hosting, RocketNode Hosting, UltaHost, ScalaCube, InterServer, and ScalaHosting.

How do you find the best DNS server for gaming?

Right now, the best DNS server for gaming is Cloudflare However, to find the best from this list, you need to put them to the test. There are many free options available on our list.

What is the best DNS gaming server for Xbox Series X?

The best DNS gaming servers for Xbox Series X are Cloudflare, Quad9, and Google Public DNS They’re fast, offer reasonably good security, and block malicious websites.

What is the best DNS server for gaming Reddit users recommend?

Right now, the Reddit community recommends using Cloudflare since it’s the safest. Second on their list of recommendations is Google Public DNS and Quad9

Which is better Cloudflare’s or Google Public DNS’ for gaming?

After testing and different user reviews, even though Google Public DNS is fast, the Cloudflare primary DNS is even faster.

What are the best DNS servers for gaming PS4?

Whether you are using a PS4, PS5, Xbox, or PC, the best DNS server for gaming on them is Cloudflare.

Is good for gaming?

According to the DNSPerf testing tool, Cloudflare tops the list as the best and fastest DNS server for gaming worldwide. The service does not mishandle user data or promote false advertisements, which is why it beats other competitors in the industry.

What is the fastest DNS server for gaming?

The fastest DNS server for gaming right now is Cloudflare, with Quad9 coming in second.

What is the best private DNS for gaming?

The best private DNS for gaming are Google Public DNS, OpenDNS, Quad9, and Cloudflare.

Is a VPN better than DNS for gaming?

Using a DNS for gaming gives faster speeds, but it cannot protect you from other threats. FastestVPN for gaming allows additional benefits like online protection, device protection, ISP throttling prevention, access to new IP addresses and gameplay.

To Conclude

And that’s a wrap! You now have access to the best DNS servers for gaming on your consoles. It does not matter whether you’re a beginner, a professional, or even a gaming developer, these DNS server providers are currently the best in the market to improve and heighten your gaming experiences online. 

It’s a way to safely translate domain addresses to IP addresses. Considering that most of these services are free, you can test a few of them out. 

According to me, Cloudflare and Quad9 are the absolute best. They’re free, fast, reliable, and come with security tools that you can utilize. 

However, to ensure full protection of devices and data while gaming, using FastestVPN is the best bet. It encrypts your connection, gives access to geo-locked games, boosts speeds, and prevents ISP throttling, among other perks. Additionally, FastestVPN integrates seamlessly with SCIM or System for Cross-Domain Identity Management, ensuring robust identity and access management across various platforms.

Take Control of Your Privacy Today! Unblock websites, access streaming platforms, and bypass ISP monitoring.

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