How is Crypto Gambling Made Safer with a VPN?

What is Crypto gambling? Are there any safety benefits of crypto gambling with a VPN? Online gambling and online casinos as a whole are huge parts of our society and the market is set to rise to a whopping 184.28 billion U.S. dollars by the year 2032.

Benefits of Crypto Gambling With a VPN 900

This cements this part of the entertainment industry as an unstoppable force in the world, and proves that it’s really going nowhere. Online gamblers choose this form of pastime because, in the last decade alone, there has been an exponential rise in technology and accessibility of the World Wide Web.

Alert! Online gambling with crypto from any platform is not the best or safest solution. Always consider using premium VPNs with it. FastestVPN offers secure servers and high-end military-grade encryption to help you secure your connection online. This is particularly crucial when engaging in online gambling.

The internet offers a diverse opportunity for individuals to gamble, play games, and converse with one another, regardless of which part of the world they are in — which is why gambling online is growing more and more every day.

While we are used to the ordinary ways of gambling online, where you sign up, play, and earn funds, there is a new form of gambling that has been taking the world by storm — crypto. More and more people are investing in crypto in various ways, and the gambling world is part of that.

Crypto gambling is seeing exponential growth in pop culture as of late, and it’s the use of a digital asset in a virtual wallet being utilized in gambling. It sets you up for more safety, more bonuses when joining, and a whole lot of risk factors alleviated. Blockchain’s gaming market size as of 2022 was sitting on a valuation of around $4.6 billion U.S. dollars, but this new market is expected to see a huge uplift. By 2027, it is forecasted to reach $65.7 billion U.S. dollars — proving that it’s going to be enormous.

But why the uplift in virtual payments?

For many decades, the phrase “cash is king” has been rolling off the tongues of people across the world, and although this renowned phrase was first heard in 1988 by the CEO of Volvo — life is no longer the same, and times have changed. Just like with an individual’s gaming choice from thirty years ago, things are now different. Your great-grandfather would have physically attended the casinos, but you’re now jumping on the crypto roulette… just like finances have changed.

Technologies like Blockchain have offered some big advantages in terms of safety, and the use of cash has seen a monumental dip — and as a result, a lot of retailers/casinos now offer safe, virtual payments.

Cryptocurrencies are now one of the most popular methods of placing bets, partly because they’re safer, but even so, there are still some safety concerns. Hackers can access your data on your computer if you don’t use proper safety procedures, meaning people are now seeking additional security options. While crypto is categorically the safest form of payment, its security is tied to the security of your computer — meaning VPNs are now being utilized for an additional level of protection.

What is a VPN?

A VPN is also called a Virtual Private Network and it is a piece of technology that creates a secure and encrypted connection over the network you are using. It’s easy to set up and it may be useful if you’re connected to an insecure network, and need an additional level of protection. A VPN allows you to receive data across both shared and public networks as if the computing devices were hooked up to their private network.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Connection – When you connect your laptop or computer to a VPN, it creates a secure connection to a VPN server. This is like the middleman between you and the internet you’re using (putting any worries of shared internet in public at bay).
  2. Encryption – From connection onwards, all the data that you use between your device and the VPN is now fully encrypted (safe). For example, in crypto gambling, having a VPN means that even if the network you are using has been hacked, they would not be able to access your data.
  3. IP address – When you connect to a VPN server, it stands between you and the rest of the internet, showing its own IP address rather than yours. This masks where you are in the world, meaning you can browse the internet without revealing your location to anyone.

How VPNs Enhance Crypto Gambling

VPNs are an extra level of security when you gamble online. Here are the top reasons to use a VPN when playing any form of crypto gambling online.

Anonymity gameplay and privacy

One of the key reasons VPNs are utilized in online gambling is because they make your IP address one of your choosing. Those who prefer a hidden IP address are often individuals who opt for crypto bettings, as this makes your online gameplay untraceable – and who wouldn’t want that? This is similar to when you use your virtual wallet for spending, as cryptocurrency wallets are completely untraceable, making them a brilliant way to deter hackers.

All of this also means that your details are protected from malware and hackers, as possible interceptors looking to steal your data will be blocked from figuring out your location and IP address.

Better security

The use of encryption standards is extremely high when using a VPN, and online casinos also incorporate this high level of security in their interfaces — without you even needing to do anything. This secures all of your data against hackers and protects your virtual wallets when you are using unsecured Wi-Fi to play online.

This is particularly required when you are on holiday, visiting a place where you have to use an unsecured network. When places use unsafe Wi-Fi, your chances of being hacked are much higher.


When you play on online casinos, sometimes there are geographical restrictions — which is why a VPN comes in handy to help you access them.

A VPN put in place through your PC or phone can bypass all geographical blocks by accessing servers in the countries where you want to play online. This enables access to region-restricted sites and allows for a better type of playing, regardless of where you may be.

For instance, if you’re wanting to play on the slots in Canada, but are in another country, a VPN could be used so that your IP address shows up as coming from Canada. This process works with all countries and is also a way to access certain deals and types of games.

To Conclude

In summary, although online gambling with crypto is extremely safe (the safest form of gambling in fact), we always recommend that you increase your security wherever possible and utilize a VPN.

This protects you and your funds, in the long run — alongside safeguarding any of your personal information — and cuts out all the negatives in the wild world that is gambling. Have fun, be safe, and use a VPN when using unsecured networks; we promise, it really works!

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