How to Watch Australian Open 2023 on PS4 and Xbox

January will play host to one of the biggest tennis events of the year. We, of course, refer to the Australia Open. It’s an annual event, and the first in line of four events under the Grand Slam umbrella.

Watch Australian Open on PS4 & Xbox

It’s a two-week event that begins on January 16 and concludes on January 29th. If you’re looking to catch the event live from the comfort of your home, then we have just the guide for you. With our detailed guide, you can easily watch the Australian Open on PS4 and Xbox.

How to Watch Australian Open 2023 on PS4 and Xbox from Anywhere

Australia Open will be held in Melbourne, Australia. Official broadcasters have been announced for the event. Although there are multiple broadcasters for multiple regions, not everyone in the world will be able to stream it.

The broadcast will be shown on the cable network as well as via the internet. The online streams will be geo-restricted to its respective regions. But with a VPN, we can easily bypass this barrier. VPN allows you to spoof the actual location with a virtual one. In this case, we can switch to either US, UK, or Australia and instantly gain access to live-stream.

There will also be some unofficial streams such as on YouTube and Sling TV that we can also use. Here’s how to watch Australia Open on Xbox and PS4.

When & Where is the 2023 Australian Open Tennis Championship?

Australia Open will take place from January 16  to January 29th in Melbourne. The venue for the event has been decided to be Melbourne Park. Australia Open precedes three other events of the Grand Slam – namely the French Open, Wimbledon, and US Open.

Tickets for the event can be purchased. But if you cannot attend the event, there will be live broadcasts in multiple regions of the world. Broadcasters for the event have been announced and we’ll list them here. Use the live stream links to watch Australian Open on PS4 and Xbox.

Live Stream 2023 Australian Open on PS4 and Xbox

The broadcast will be presented over the cable network as well as the internet. If you reside out of certain regions then your best bet is using a VPN to watch the Australia Open live stream online.

Here’s how to watch Australian Open on PS4 and Xbox:

Australia Open 2023 Schedule

Australia Open will feature a series of matches between the biggest names in Tennis. Here’s the complete schedule:

SessionDateTimeFeatured Matches
1Mon, 16 January 202311:00 AMMen’s / Women’s 1st Round
2Mon, 16 January 20237:00 PMMen’s / Women’s 1st Round
3Tue, 17 January 202311:00 AMMen’s / Women’s 1st Round
4Tue, 17 January 20237:00 PMMen’s / Women’s 1st Round
5Wed, 18 January 202311:00 AMMen’s / Women’s 2nd Round
6Wed, 18 January 20237:00 PMMen’s / Women’s 2nd Round
7Thu, 19 January 202311:00 AMMen’s / Women’s 2nd Round
8Thu, 19 January 20237:00 PMMen’s / Women’s 2nd Round
9Fri, 20 January 202311:00 AMMen’s / Women’s 3rd Round
10Fri, 20 January 20237:00 PMMen’s / Women’s 3rd Round
11Sat, 21 January 202311:00 AMMen’s / Women’s 3rd Round
12Sat, 21 January 20237:00 PMMen’s / Women’s 3rd Round
13Sun, 22 January 202311:00 AMMen’s / Women’s 4th Round
14Sun, 22 January 20237:00 PMMen’s / Women’s 4th Round
15Mon, 23 January 202311:00 AMMen’s / Women’s 4th Round
16Mon, 23 January 20237:00 PMMen’s / Women’s 4th Round
17Tue, 24 January 202311:00 AMMen’s / Women’s Quarterfinals
18Tue, 24 January 20237:00 PMMen’s / Women’s Quarterfinals
19Wed, 25 January 202311:00 AMMen’s / Women’s Quarterfinals
20Wed, 25 January 20237:00 PMMen’s / Women’s Quarterfinals
21Thu, 26 January 20234:00 PMWomen’s Semi-Final x 2
22Fri, 27 January 202311:00 AMMen’s Semi-final 1
23Fri, 27 January 20234:00 PMMen’s semi-final 2
24Sat, 28 January 20234:00 PMWomen’s Singles final
25Sun, 29 January 20234:00 PMMen’s Singles final

Online Broadcasters for Australian Open on PS4 and Xbox Live Streaming

As we mentioned earlier, official broadcasters have been announced for Australia Open 2023. Even though the event takes place in Australia, the event will also be broadcast in other regions as well.

  • Eurosport – Australia
  • ESPN – USA
  • Eurosport Player – United Kingdom

We will update the event if more broadcasters are announced. You can use the live stream links to watch Australian Open on PS4 and Xbox.

Conclusion: Australian Open on PS4 and Xbox

Australia Open 2023 will run for two weeks straight. That only means non-stop tennis entertainment for fans. The event will feature some of the biggest names in tennis. It includes singles, doubles, and mixed doubles events.

The guide here explains simple steps by which you can watch Australian Open on PS4 and Xbox One.

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