How to Watch Australian Open 2023 on Apple TV

Tennis fans be prepared, a new exciting event is coming to deliver one of the best tennis matches of the year. Australian Open is an annual event held in January.

Watch Australian Open on Apple TV

Australian Open is part of the four tournaments held under the Grand Slam. The other three events are the French Open, Wimbledon, and the US Open. The event will take place in the third week of January and will continue for two weeks.

If you cannot attend in person then don’t worry, we have you covered. You can easily watch Australian Open 2023 on Apple TV from the comfort of your home. Follow the guide to know-how.

How to Watch Australian Open 2023 on Apple TV from Anywhere

Such events carry official broadcasters which are announced after the event has been finalized. For the Australian Open, Eurosport is the official broadcaster in the region.

Because Eurosport is a cable network, the broadcast will be restricted to Australia. If you reside outside of Australia and want to watch Australian Open on Apple TV, then there’s a way. You can catch the stream on unofficial channels like Youtube and Sling TV. By using either a Sling TV VPN or YouTube VPN, you can spoof your location and get access to restricted streams to watch Australian Open on Apple TV for free.

  1. Get FastestVPN subscription
  2. Configure FastestVPN on Router & use our Australian IP address to connect to our US Server
  3. Access and subscribe to a 7-day free trial (use a US postal code)
  4. Connect your Apple TV to your internet router
  5. Download the Sling TV app for Apple TV from the app store
  6. Launch the App
  7. That’s it, now you can watch Australian Open on Apple TV straightaway!

When & Where is the 2023 Australian Open Tennis Championship?

Australian Open is a championship that is held every year in Melbourne, Australia. This year, the event will run from January 16 to January 29th 2 at Melbourne Park. It’s the first in line in the Grand Slam tournaments.

Here’s the schedule to follow if you want to watch Australian Open on Apple TV:

SessionDateTimeFeatured Matches
1Mon, 16 January 202311:00 AMMen’s / Women’s 1st Round
2Mon, 16 January 20237:00 PMMen’s / Women’s 1st Round
3Tue, 17 January 202311:00 AMMen’s / Women’s 1st Round
4Tue, 17 January 20237:00 PMMen’s / Women’s 1st Round
5Wed, 18 January 202311:00 AMMen’s / Women’s 2nd Round
6Wed, 18 January 20237:00 PMMen’s / Women’s 2nd Round
7Thu, 19 January 202311:00 AMMen’s / Women’s 2nd Round
8Thu, 19 January 20237:00 PMMen’s / Women’s 2nd Round
9Fri, 20 January 202311:00 AMMen’s / Women’s 3rd Round
10Fri, 20 January 20237:00 PMMen’s / Women’s 3rd Round
11Sat, 21 January 202311:00 AMMen’s / Women’s 3rd Round
12Sat, 21 January 20237:00 PMMen’s / Women’s 3rd Round
13Sun, 22 January 202311:00 AMMen’s / Women’s 4th Round
14Sun, 22 January 20237:00 PMMen’s / Women’s 4th Round
15Mon, 23 January 202311:00 AMMen’s / Women’s 4th Round
16Mon, 23 January 20237:00 PMMen’s / Women’s 4th Round
17Tue, 24 January 202311:00 AMMen’s / Women’s Quarterfinals
18Tue, 24 January 20237:00 PMMen’s / Women’s Quarterfinals
19Wed, 25 January 202311:00 AMMen’s / Women’s Quarterfinals
20Wed, 25 January 20237:00 PMMen’s / Women’s Quarterfinals
21Thu, 26 January 20234:00 PMWomen’s Semi-Final x 2
22Fri, 27 January 202311:00 AMMen’s Semi-final 1
23Fri, 27 January 20234:00 PMMen’s semi-final 2
24Sat, 28 January 20234:00 PMWomen’s Singles final
25Sun, 29 January 20234:00 PMMen’s Singles final

Online Channels to Watch Australian Open 2023 on Apple TV

Channels outside of Australia will also join Eurosport to broadcast Australian Open. Although Eurosport is a cable network, it offers online streaming as well. Similarly, the other broadcasters offer streaming via the internet that you can use to watch Australian Open on Apple TV.

It makes things easy for fans because it makes accessing the streams by using a VPN. Simply log in to the VPN and catch the live stream via your local broadcaster. Here is the list of broadcasters for the Australian Open.

  • Eurosport – Australia
  • ESPN – USA
  • Eurosport Player – United Kingdom

All you need to do is visit the live stream using a VPN to watch Australian Open on Apple TV.

How to Watch Australian Open 2023 in the US

Although the Australian Open will be held in Australia, it will be broadcasted live through Eurosport. The good news is that Eurosport also offers online streaming via Eurosport Play. Simply subscribe to Eurosport and watch Australian VPN from anywhere in the world using FastestVPN.

How to Watch Australian Open 2023 in UK

Similar to the US, Eurosport Player is the designated broadcaster for the United Kingdom. Watch Australian Open on any device using the live stream provided by Eurosport Player.

Make sure to use VPN if you’re accessing from outside of the UK.

How to Watch Australian Open 2023 in Canada

No broadcasters have been announced for Canada. Though, with FastestVPN, you can easily watch live streams of the Australian Open on Apple TV online.

How to Watch Australian Open 2023 in Australia

As the host of the Australian Open, you can expect to hear a lot Australian Open in the media. Eurosport will be broadcasting the event live on both cable and via the internet.

FastestVPN lets you watch Australian Open on Apple TV regardless of your location.


Australian Open is set to be a major event in Tennis in 2023. The best part is that you won’t miss out on anything if you cannot attend it. By using our guide, you can easily watch Australian Open on Apple TV from anywhere in the world.

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