Accessing Casino through VPN in the UK

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) allows users or players who partake in betting, casinos, sportsbooks and other similar services or websites to overcome restrictions around particular territories. It’s due to the gambling laws or other geographical limits that surround it.

Accessing Casino through VPN in the UK

VPN gambling is when players use a VPN to get away from a block imposed on gambling websites. These blocks could be for restrictions or blocker applications like GamStop, GamBan, Betblocker and others.

You will find that the market for this type of gambling is significantly large, as many people use a VPN to alter their location and browser settings to gamble offshore or get away from a blocker or gamble privately. Crypto players, customers of websites like GameStop and GamBan, and anonymous gamblers create most of the market in the UK for VPN gambling.

Crypto Players

Crypto players are players who participate in gambling using cryptocurrency. Most online casinos allow transactions through cryptocurrencies, and transactions are considered faster this way. Cryptocurrencies have found a lot of demand and use in this field, and we already have two generations of digital coins or cryptocurrencies.

The first-generation cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, is more popular and accepted in almost all online gambling websites. Other popular cryptocurrencies include Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Monero and some more.

Amongst this, Ethereum is a second-generation cryptocurrency, while Ripple is a money transfer coin. Gamblers worldwide use and want to use these currencies in online casinos, sports betting, poker and other ways of gambling like this.

Some websites like Fortune Jack do not ask players for their personal or financial information while betting or gambling on their website. All financial information is required only during transactions. Players using cryptocurrency need not disclose their financial information with particular websites. When you connect to a VPN,  users in the UK can bet on online games held abroad. It would make things easier for users to gamble without getting blocked at specific locations.

GamStop Customers

GamStop is software which when installed on a device, blocks websites that have gambling content on them, including online casinos, sportsbooks, racebooks, and betting sites.

This software has a customer base of people who struggle with gambling addiction. They voluntarily register for the self-exclusion schemes offered by GamStop, to help users with their addiction. These schemes operate over a selected period, ranging from six months to a few years. A large number of their customers find a way out from their self-exclusion terms.

It leads to the appearance of non GamStop online casino sites in Britain that are gaining immense popularity – one of the main reasons being more extended periods for the program.

These players who have voluntarily installed and registered to GamStop, who now want to get access to certain gambling websites, try VPN (Virtual Private Network). They try to use VPN to alter location and browser settings to gain access to the websites blocked by the blocker software GamStop. Although the credibility of VPN to bypass a blocker like GamStop is questionable, the number of users that try that is undoubtedly not questionable.

Anonymous Gamblers

A VPN helps any user add a protective layer of anonymity to his or her activities on the internet, including gambling. Some users do not want their personal information to be shared or revealed on particular gambling, betting or online casino websites.

There may be multiple reasons for that but what we know is that they want to gamble anonymously without revealing their name and other information that any typical website requires for the registration process. Although some websites do not need personal information during registration, most of them require just a name revelation.

These players can gamble anonymously using VPN. Several well-known online crypto casinos are available to UK users that allow access with VPNs and prioritize their user’s privacy. These gamblers create another area of the market for VPN gambling in the UK.  There are a large number of these anonymous gamblers, and therefore they are considered in the top market creators for VPN gambling in the UK.

To conclude

A VPN connects websites so that it hides your information or your activities on the internet. It is popularly used to alter your locations and make a punter untraceable.  Every user in the UK who uses VPN to get access to gambling websites contributes to the VPN gambling market of the UK.

They can use it for any reason and therefore fall under any group of users. Crypto players, customers of blocker applications and anonymous players, are the large groups of gamblers in the market, and therefore can be considered the main customers in the market.

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