5 Best 1MoviesHD Alternatives To Check Out in 2023

From rushing to the nearest theater to watching clips of war to living under a veil of consumerism and purchasing tickets to your favorite movie – we now live with the bliss of the internet and the availability of free movies online. Sites such as 1MoviesHD or even other options like 5movies unfurl the possibility of getting your hands on the latest movie releases through a browser-compatible device, which is also free. However, you can often find the website to be down or not working.

1MoviesHD Alternatives

As a quick fix, head towards numerous other 1MoviesHD alternatives without compromising on your movie night fun. As a brief guide, this article covers a list of top 1MoviesHD alternatives. Keep reading to find out more! 

Note: Free online movie streaming websites are often inaccessible and unsafe. To make your way in the gray area, we recommend using FastestVPN to access these sites at your own risk and enhance the security of online activities.

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The top 1MoviesHD alternatives:

  1. MyFlixer
  2. Vudu
  3. HuraWatch
  4. YesMovies
  5. MoviesJoy 

What is 1MoviesHD?

1MoviesHD is a free video streaming website with a diverse range of movies and TV shows. It provides a plethora of the commonly favored recreation – movies. With 449 films released in the past year in Canada and USA, the love for movies has only encouraged an increase in movie releases. With that said, 2022 witnessed a hike in movie releases to 2021, i.e., 406 title releases.

From classics to the latest releases – 1MoviesHD has got you covered. It’s a one-spot solution for all your video streaming needs and reigns as the top site. However, a massive inclination towards video streaming sites has only smoothed the way for top 1MoviesHD alternatives.

Illustrating that, a recent report mentions that the global streaming market had a value of $455 billion in 2022. And it’s projected to expand by about 19.3 percent annually until 2030, when it would have a value of $1.9 trillion. Impressive, right?

As we look at the outstanding market value, these free video streaming sites host many visitors daily. Yet, copyrighted content contributes to the illegality of the website, so the site frequently has to change its domain.

Meanwhile, if you’ve been constantly witnessing the site be down or inaccessible – we’ve got you covered! 

Why Is 1MoviesHD Not Working?

Recently, various users have mentioned the inaccessibility of 1MoviesHD, and it’s not the first time this has happened. Several reasons contribute to this, from browser incompatibility to site maintenance; many reasons result in the site being down. 

Here’s what you can do if 1MoviesHD isn’t working:

1. Check the Server Status

You can often find 1MoviesHD down. Before landing on the next steps, check the site’s server status. If the server’s down, you’re likely to face these issues. 

And if the website’s server still needs to be down, you can’t access 1MoviesHD. Here’s where you jump to the next steps.

2. Clear Cache and Browser Cookies

  • Go to the setting of the Chrome browser by clicking the three dots appearing on the top left corner of your screen.
  • Go to more tools and select “clear browsing data.”
  • Select time duration and clear all the boxes appearing with cached images, cookies, and site data. 
  • Clear the data.

3. Use a Secure VPN

Clearing cache didn’t work? Here’s what you might need!

Most free online sites involve geo-restrictions or are constantly threatened by malware and data breaches due to the copyrighted content they offer on their site. Due to this, you can face website inaccessibility upon request. 

As a solution, use a secure and trusted VPN and wave off all the geo-restrictions on your way. Meanwhile, you stay safe from risking your data and privacy while enjoying what the internet offers.

Despite the limitless entertainment you can avail of through this free streaming site, it’s still illegal. And due to its piracy concerns, it’s under the hot waters now and then. Meanwhile, if none of those steps worked, you can hop on to the top 1MoviesHD alternatives.

What Are the 1MoviesHD Alternatives? List of the Best 5

Note: We at FastestVPN don’t support the streaming of copyrighted content. This article is only for informational purposes.

Here’s the list of the top 5 1MoviesHD alternatives you can use in 2023. 

Let’s dig in!

  1. MyFlixer
  2. Vudu
  3. HuraWatch
  4. YesMovies
  5. MoviesJoy 

1. MyFlixer


Who hates a seamless streaming experience, especially when munching on a tray of nachos and watching your favorite movie without paying a penny? MyFlixer is an ultimate video streaming destination that offers a vast library of movies and TV shows.

It comes with an interactive and generic user interface to back the ease of use. It also doesn’t require any personal user information. Such as your email address – without compromising stream quality. 


  • Free streaming without requiring personal details.
  • High-quality streaming experience.


  • Contains copyrighted content.
  • Users are prone to data theft.
  • Contains pop-ups.

2. Vudu


Vudu is an online video streaming platform with an extensive library of high-quality movies and TV shows. Bring a browser-compatible device; it’s the numero-uno for every cinephile that doesn’t want to break the bank when subscribing to a premium streaming service.

At Vudu, the movies are categorized based on their genres, such as horror, family, crime, etc. Plus, if the service is not available in your country, or you lose access to it while traveling, you can use FastestVPN. FastestVPN is the best VUDU VPN that opens access to it with the fastest speeds and heightened security. 


  • Offers easy navigation.
  • Availability of child protection options.


  • It shows ads before the movie begins.
  • Repetitive pop-ups.
  • Limited TV shows.

3. HuraWatch


HuraWatch is the perfect match for viewers looking for unique and exciting content. Contrary to generic and most-sought-for movies and TV shows, HuraWatch is known for its diverse options.

From comedy to mind-striking drama, you get it all here. HuraWatch is also the perfect 1MoviesHD alternative that serves an unmatchable streaming experience. Adding the cherry to the top, HuraWatch offers accessible navigational expertise. It comes with an easy-to-use and generic interface – making your movie search painless!


  • User-friendly interface.
  • Unique content availability.


  • Glitchy and slow website.
  • Unresponsive links.

4. YesMovies


YesMovies is another top 1MoviesHD alternative that offers a wide range of options – featuring different genres and languages. This diverse video streaming site has an intuitive user interface – making the navigational experience more effortless.

On the other hand, it offers a high-quality streaming experience. Hence, with its wide range of genres, finding your next binge-worthy series or movie is only a five-finger exercise.


  • The site has been there for over a decade.
  • Offers an unmatchable video streaming experience.
  • It’s free.


  • Shows pop-ups.
  • Requires VPN in a few regions.
  • Contains copyrighted content.

5. MoviesJoy


Offering an easy navigational experience, MoviesJoy is another top choice among movie fanatics. This free video streaming site provides a matchless user experience and allows users access to trending movies for free. 

Conclusively, you’re guaranteed to find high-quality and trending movies easily.


  • Offers movies at 1080p.
  • It’s free.


  • Contains copyrighted content.

FAQs - Best 1MoviesHD Alternatives

Is 1MoviesHD safe?

No, it's not a safe website. It contains links and ads that redirect to spam sites. And, being a third-party site, it has copyrighted content which attracts site attacks very commonly.

How do free movie websites make money?

Free movie sites make money through pop-ups and featured adverts on their page. Due to a high traffic volume on their site, advertisers pay the site to feature their ads.

Is 1MoviesHD legal?

No, 1MoviesHD isn't legal. Since it features copyrighted content, it commonly stands in tight spots. And due to these piracy concerns, 1MoviesHD often changes its domain name to avoid that.

How can I watch movies for free?

You can watch movies for free through various free online video streaming sites. Such as:

  • MyFlixer
  • Vudu
  • HuraWatch
  • YesMovies
  • MoviesJoy

The Final Takeaway

From the intricate composition of dialogues to the advanced portrayal of acting skills – a movie is an artistic representation of humanity’s innate talents. And, despite our evolution, movies depict expression, and we love them for it. 

While an average American pays $47 per month for a premium recreational experience of watching their favorite movies and TV shows – not everyone can do that. As a solution, free online video streaming sites, such as 1MoviesHD, offer an unlimited video streaming experience – for free.

Still, you should expect the site server to be down now and then. That’s where you opt for the alternatives we covered in this article. 

But, these sites feature copyrighted content. And due to that, you can expect spammy links, the threats of data breaches, and geo-restrictions. To avoid that, use FastestVPN today and say goodbye to data theft or geo-restrictions that have long been the stumbling blocks! 

Take Control of Your Privacy Today! Unblock websites, access streaming platforms, and bypass ISP monitoring.

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